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We Have A God

Since I began blogging primarily about faith, there have been a few flaps in the Christian world.  There has been this controversy and that conflict.  I suppose that this has always been, but social media and the ability of any of us to write a blog post seem to have magnified controversies and conflicts to the point that they seem larger than life.

I often wonder why this happens.  Why do we get so stirred up to the point where those who do not stand with us on our side of  the controversy or conflict become villains?

I’ve come to the conclusion there is one primary answer to this question:  Our main concern is not with how the conflict or controversy is really played out, but with how it affects us.

We like to think that with all of these issues we face, with life itself, that God is on our side.  It doesn’t matter what side we take, we take God there with us.  How else can we explain that each side on the issue of slavery were able to claim God was with them?

Ultimately, it comes down to one thought.  We like to think that God is concerned most, of all things, with us.

Imagine that for a moment.  I realize that very few of us actually think in these terms, but I think we do.  Conservative.  Liberal.  Left.  Right.  It doesn’t matter.  We think that we are at the center of God’s universe.  That we are His main concern.

This would make us His god.  If we are His main concern, if He is most concerned with our concerns, then what kind of God is He really?

It ends up that we create a god in our own image, mimicking cultures from thousands of years ago.

Instead, we have a God who is most concerned with Himself.

We have a God who is most concerned with His name and His glory.

He insists that we worship Him.

We have a God who is the standard for what is right and wrong.

We have a God who finds that we cannot meet His standard.

We have a God who meets that standard for us.

We have a God who supersedes our conflict and controversy.

We have a God.

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  1. May 5, 2014 at 8:18 am

    You have heard the old adage I’m sure: “there is a God and you aren’t Him.” You say it well Larry. time for all of us to get off our high horses and realize we don’t hold a handle on the truth alone. He does.

  2. May 5, 2014 at 11:36 am

    This post made me think of how two teams of any sports call upon the Lord for victory, each one thinking God will help them alone. How often I have made a judgment of someone else thinking as if I hold the only truth there is. My goodness we are all full of pride. Better to say I know nothing except Him as Paul did. With all his knowledge of the Old Testament, he said, I am determined to know nothing but Him crucified. Good post brother, you have said it well.

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