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The Secret Ingredient To Successful Life Management

I remember when I first began flirting with the idea of time management.  I was in high school and had no money.  So I created my own day by day planner.

In college I took a class  that required me to use a Day Timer brand of planner.  It was my first time attempting to use a professional system.  I continued to use this throughout the remainder of my college days.

Later on, I began to use the Franklin Covey Day Planner system.  I read several time management books and focused on gaining an advantage in my life and my career by being organized.

My employer even had training in this area.  The system was nice, but there was something still missing.  It took me a while, but I finally found the missing ingredient that is needed for successful time and life management.  It boils down to one word:


Somewhere along the way I realized that I did not have a vision for my life.  Slowly, but surely, I began crafting one.  I have written several out.  I attempted to create my own.  Finally, I decided that I did not have to reinvent the wheel.  I finally settled on the vision that defines my life.

I glorify God by enjoying Him forever.

That’s it.  Simple.  Easy to remember.  Timeless (after all, it’s been around a while and it points toward eternity).

What’s The Point?

Why is vision the secret ingredient to time and life management?

If I decide to go on vacation to Disney World, I don’t just get in the car and begin driving, hoping that I will get there.  I begin with the end in mind.  I know where I want to go, so I plan accordingly.

That’s what a vision for one’s life is: the end in sight.   It is the destination.   It is what everything else in life should fold back into.

Developing a vision for your life will solve many, if not most, of the hindrances to a satisfied life.

What’s The Problem?

The problem is that most of us never really know where we’re headed.  We don’t know what direction we’re headed.  We simply hope we make it through life and can look back without regrets.

Developing a personal vision allows us to live a life that overcomes any regrets we may have.


There is no secret to developing a vision.  It will take some work.  It will take some time of getting away from everything.  Time alone thinking and praying will help.

It also doesn’t have to be completely original.  It could be “I am a disciple maker” or “I walk in a relationship with Christ 24.7.365.”  Of course my suggestions are focused more on faith, but yours don’t necessarily have to be.

I’m still in the process of working on many of these things, but I do have my vision worked out for my life.  Next Friday I will share my mission statement that flows out of my vision.  From there, I have some other suggestions for life management that will be coming over the next few weeks.

Do you have a concrete vision for your life?  Why or why not?

  1. May 9, 2014 at 6:40 am

    My vision in life is to be the best Christian I can be, helping other sin time of need, and to share the Glory of God in my daily walk.

    It sounds kind of holistic, but it is easier to follow than one thinks. Lend a helping hand, instead of waiting to be asked, step forward and step in. Smile at everyone you see, look them in the eye and wish them a good day. Thank others for their help and service. There are many more ways then what I mentioned here.

    To God be the Glory! Show it in your every move. You just may be the only bible someone reads!

    Walk daily with God at your side.


    • May 9, 2014 at 6:42 am

      It should read helping others in their time of need. I fat fingered the space key.

  2. May 9, 2014 at 8:12 am

    I do have one..finally. “To help others find their heart.” Generic I know but there is more to it as it develops.

  3. May 9, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Wow Larry, I hope you are teaching this kind of stuff to other, it’s good. You write your vision too in your blog, no body has to guess where your heart is. My vision is to know nothing other then Jesus and pass that on to others. And the best part God always gives me freedom to do just that. Good thoughts.

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