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Focusing On The Right Things

I may have mentioned that growing up, we raised cattle.  We pastured our cattle on my grandfather’s farm.  Several times I bought some Holstein calves to bottle feed.  Once they grew up, I sold them to make a little money.

Something that happened too often was that a cow or calf would get out and we would have to get it back into the herd with the other cattle.  All it had to do was find just a little gap in the barbed wire fence and it was out.

What was amazing was that the bovine creature that was loose had plenty of field to graze where it was.  Instead, it turned its attention to what was outside the fence, to what it didn’t already have.


I’ve noticed over the last, well, really my entire life that I, and most likely you, have been much like the cow or calf that would get loose outside of the fence.  We focus on what we don’t have instead of what we already have had all along.

We are told throughout much of life what we should not do instead of what we should do.  We have limits placed upon us that by well meaning parents and loved ones.  What happens though?  We think more about what we shouldn’t do instead of what we should do.

Don’t tell me it isn’t true.  What happens when you see a “Keep Off The Grass” sign?  Don’t you want to hop onto the grass?  What about a wet paint sign?  Don’t you want to touch it?

Have you ever been encouraged to work on your weaknesses?  To build them up?  To make them strength?

Sorry, but I’ve not found that to be beneficial.  How many times, though, have you to build up your strengths?  To manage around your weaknesses?  To hire someone who is strong where you’re weak?

When we focus on where we’re weak or on what we shouldn’t do, we fall short of maximizing who we are in Christ.


When I study the Bible to find out what God says about this type of subject, I find conventional wisdom turned on its head.

If you a a part of the Body, you should focus on being the best part of the Body you can be.  It does you know good trying to be an eye when you are a knee.  Or an ear when you are a hand.  Or a mouth when you are a leg.

Finding where you are in the Body of Christ is one of the most important steps in becoming who you are in Christ.  Focusing on where He has gifted you instead of where He has gifted someone else is important beyond measure.

Focus on the do’s instead of the don’ts.

Focus on the strengths instead of the weaknesses.

Focus on your gift instead of someone else’s.

Focus on what will build you up instead of what will tear you down.

Have you ever found yourself focusing on the exact opposite of what you should?

  1. May 13, 2014 at 5:48 am

    Great point Larry. I know I am not the only saying it or has said it, but it is time for Christ-followers to stop being known for what we are against and be known for what we are for. I want to attract people to Jesus by them seeing Him as being “for them” and not as a mean father who is waiting to punish for missteps.

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