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Turkey Legs And Shared Experiences

If you haven’t figured out by now, we went to Disney last week.  Bear with me and eventually the Disney posts will end, but until that happens, you’re kind of stuck with me and them.

Before we headed to Disney, I didn’t really have the best attitude.  I considered it something I was doing for my kids that we had never been able to before, but I was just going to have to tough it out.

My brother-in-law was extremely excited about going to Disney.  He and his family had gone a couple of years ago, then again about six months later and again about a year later.  Before we were ever able to experience Disney, they had gone three times in two years.  They would have gone again with us if it could have been worked out.  That’s how excited he is about Disney.

One of the things he was most excited about was the food.  He gushed over the huge waffles that you could buy at the resort which we were staying.  Then what really got him going were the turkey legs that could be bought at some stands in the various parks.  I just stood there and listened while he raved about them.

When we got to Disney, my buddy, David, texted me to tell me about the turkey legs.  At this point I had visions of thousands of Disney visitors walking around munching on huge turkey legs.

About this time I tweeted something like this:

Turkey legs would probably be ok if you like dark meat. #whitemeatrules

I received a comment or two back and came away with an important lesson.


The next thing I tweeted was this:

Almost all of us will base the experience we think others will have on the experience we had.

My brother-in-law and David both liked the turkey legs the vendors sell at Disney.  They like them so much that they recommended them to us knowing that we would be able to buy them for ourselves.  And that ‘s ok.

The thing is that I like white meat and have never been a dark meat guy.  The thoughts of walking around with a big greasy turkey leg had no appeal for me.  And that’s ok.

What had happened was that they based the experience they thought I would have on their own pleasurable experience.

They were turkey leg evangelists.


There was no effort for these two guys to tell me to eat the turkey legs.  It flowed easily from them.  They wanted me to have that same experience.  That’s how much they care for me.

It often isn’t that easy for us when it comes to our faith.

We enjoy it.  It makes a huge difference in our lives.  We want everyone else to share this same experience.  We want everyone to know Jesus like we do.

But when it comes time to really talk to someone about our faith with people, we clam up.  We find it difficult.  Why?

We’ve been conditioned that we shouldn’t.  We don’t want to offend our friends.  We don’t want to be known as “that guy.”  We don’t want to push them away.

Imagine not telling someone about greasy turkey legs if you really loved them.  How delicious they are.  How scrumptious.  Raving about them months, maybe even years later.

Too often we act like we have drunk a glass of persimmon juice  instead of eating a juicy hunk of turkey.

Folks, let’s wake up. Let’s start sharing our faith like these two shares about turkey legs.  How do we?

First, let’s get first things first.  Let’s focus on Christ.  We’re going to run into a lot of imperfect people in our churches who need us to extend a lot of grace to them.  Let’s begin with Jesus and look at them with His eyes.

Next, realize the Church is the creation of Jesus Christ.  It is His Body and His Bride.  Le’t’s not be guilty of dissing what belongs to Him.  If we fail, confess it and move on.

Love your church.  Love them when they are unlovable.  Love them when they don’t deserve your love.  Love them.

Love everyone else.  Love the ones who don’t bother you too much.  Love those that do.  Love those who offend because of the way you were raised.

What’s left?  Share your faith.  Use words if necessary.

If you do all of this, maybe you will even want to share a turkey leg with someone.  You will have had plenty of other shared experiences.

How do you go about evangelism?  How do you share your faith with others?

  1. May 29, 2014 at 8:08 am

    I’m not an “in your face” kind of person when it comes to evangelism. I try to establish some common ground and look for opportunities to share my faith. Oh…I’m with you on the meat. White only. Chicken is the same.

  2. May 29, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Larry, Sometimes I’m too passive. I have seen evangelism done extreme and it’s made me super sensitive to it. But sometimes I feel like my sensitivity is just an excuse.

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