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The Art Of Disney

Our recent trip to Walt Disney World inspired several posts.  While it was a tiring trip, I noticed that I came back feeling more inspired and creative than I had for some time.  I’ve wondered about that and have come to a few conclusions.


The main reason that I felt like my creative juices began to flow more was because of this man, Walt Disney.  Many of us know the basics of Disney’s life.  He created Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many other characters.  He took a chance with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  Other classics followed, but I wanted to know more.

I found a feature at Hollywood Studios that detailed the life of Walt Disney.  It was there that I learned about his early life that developed his work ethic.  I discovered his early successes and failures.

Walt Disney took chances.  When he wanted something, like Mary Poppins for example, he never gave up until he got it.  He built a theme park for the children of the world because his daughters loved amusement parks.

Walt Disney didn’t just set out to create entertainment for others.  He set out to create joy for others.

After taking a look at Walt Disney’s life, I couldn’t help but want to use what creativity I have in all areas of my life: my job, my family and my church.

What inspires you to creativity in your life?

  1. June 16, 2014 at 9:33 am

    Serving inspires me. I can’t wait to go to Guatemala in a month. I know I will come back inspired.

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