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Writing When You Don’t Feel Inspired

As I write this it’s nearly 11:00 pm.  I just came back from a summer league basketball game.  I don’t have a post written for tomorrow and no decision on what I will write as I begin this.


There are a lot of posts that we see about putting in the work it takes to write everyday.  We are told that we can’t wait for inspiration.  We have to write, whether we want to or not, whether we have that bolt of lightning strike.  Our muse doesn’t show up?  We write until she arrives.  If she doesn’t?  We have our words on paper or screen.

We can’t wait for it to just happen.  It won’t.  We have to go after it with all we’ve got.  That’s when the muse appears.  After we put in the effort.

When it comes to our faith, we act the same.  We try to work to make ourselves right with God.  We try to be good.  We go to church.  We sing in the choir or give our tithe.  There are countless other ways that we try to earn God’s favor.

The problem is that this is the opposite of what the Bible teaches us.

We can’t earn salvation from the Lord.

Instead, once we turn to the Gospel, it drives our behavior.  We react from the grace God bestows upon us.  We act based on God’s mercy upon us.

We do wait on God.  We rest in he work Christ did for us on the cross.

We work to achieve what we want our Muse to bring us.  We can’t work for what God gives us through His Son.

It’s a gift.

Are you a blogger/writer?  What do you do when you don’t feel inspired?  Do you ever find yourself trying to earn God’s favor?

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