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Is Your Cat In The Cradle?

Most of us have probably heard the song, Cat’s In The Cradle.  In it, Harry Chapin sings the story of a young boy whose father doesn’t have time for him while he grows up.  It ends, sadly, with the son no longer having time for the father.


I heard a similar story recently where a teenager wanted to do something.  The parents did not let it happen.   The teenager’s frustration was that the parents would go do what they wanted to do without allowing the child the same opportunity.  Of course there may have been more to the story as well.

I totally understand both the song and the teenager’s frustration.  Both sentiments  have guided me in being a parent.  I never wanted that song to be the story of my life as a father.  I’ve never wanted my children to feel as this teenager did.

I’ve missed one of my son’s ballgames in his life and it killed me to do so.  I’m pretty sure that I never missed one of my daughter’s track or cross-country meets.

During the last fifteen years of being a parent, I haven’t picked up a golf club.  I happen to love playing golf.  Does laying aside something I love make me parent of the decade?  No, absolutely not.  I’ve done plenty of other things that  I’ve enjoyed.  However, I tried to do the things I enjoyed that I could do alongside my family.  The day is coming soon when I will begin playing golf again.

I feel like I’ve had one shot at being a father.  The Lord blessed me with two great kids who I love spending time with.  My time in this stage of being a father is drawing to a close.

What have I gained through all these years?

A couple of kids who love spending time with their parents.  Friends for life as they grow more and more into adulthood.

What I don’t think I’ll have is a cat in the cradle.

Have you ever been haunted by the song Cat’s In The Cradle?

  1. July 8, 2014 at 5:13 am

    Although not haunted by it, I have vowed not to have that said about me. My girls are 39 & 34 and I’m thrilled they still call me “Dad.”

  2. July 8, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    I have. When we were getting into our new church building I was gone a lot. It was only for a few weeks but one night my son was begging me to stay and play. It was really sad to me and made me think of that song.

  3. jonstolpe
    July 10, 2014 at 3:53 pm

    I am haunted by the song from time to time. My kids are 16 and 14, and it is going SO FAST! I realize I have responsibilities, but sometimes I wonder if I place to much priority on things that should be much lower.

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