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The Most Incredible Story I Heard This Week

Jerry was walking by my area at work the  other day.  I hollered at him and he came by my desk.  Jerry is a regional manager for the company I work for.  My team helps support the work his team in the field does.

Word had made it around work that one of his team members had passed away.  Danny had been diagnosed with terminal cancer recently and given six months to live.  He fell far short of that estimate.

I had heard that Jerry had visited with Danny just before he had passed away.  I mentioned it to him and Jerry pulled up a chair to sit down at my desk.  He told me the story.

One of Danny’s friends had called Jerry to tell Jerry that he wanted to take Danny’s place when it was all said and done.  Jerry told him to talk to Danny and then they would talk.  Soon after, Jerry received a call from this friend asking him to come visit Danny.

Jerry’s first stop was at Danny’s store.  A call was made out to Danny’s home, but he wasn’t there.  He was on his way to the store.

When he arrived there was a great deal of goodwill passed around.  A prayer meeting broke out and tears were shed.  For a brief moment, Jerry went into another room.  When he came back, Danny was gone.

It turns out that Danny was in a conference room and wanted to meet with Jerry.  Jerry entered and then Danny summoned his friend.  Danny made it very clear that he wanted his friend to manage his location when his time was done.  He wanted his friend to be in a better situation than he had been in.  He wanted to leave his store in good hands.  Everyone agreed this would be the best thing for everyone.

Soon after, Danny made his way home.  He went into his house, laid down, and closed his eyes.  He never woke back up.

Jerry was the last person to pray with Danny before he went home.

Danny wanted to pass the baton and leave what he had built in good hands.  He wanted his people well taken care of.

This story is impacting people all over the country.

We should strive to live well and die well.  Danny certainly did.

Have you heard anything incredible lately?

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  1. Jon Stallings
    August 8, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    A few weeks ago our outreach team visited one of our local neighborhoods. It is a middle to lower middle class neighborhood. Some of the duplexes are well cared for with nice lawns and flowers. Others not so much. It is also a neighborhood that has the highest drug and gang activity in the county. I did not get to go this day but my wife went. They approached a house with people sitting in the garage. My wife asked them if there was anything they could pray for them. The first words out of one of the man’s mouth was “God sent you to us.” Turns out they had just lost their 19 year old son about a week before. The man went inside and brought everyone outside. My wife and some of the other team members were able to pray for them during their grief. It is amazing what God will do when take a chance and make yourself available.

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