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The Secret To My Physical And Spiritual Improvement

Yesterday was one month of using my FitBit.  Over the past month I’ve walked and ran somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 to 600,000 steps.  I’ve gone on several walks before leaving for work.  I’ve parked as far away from the front door of my employer and taken circuitous routes to get inside the building.  I’ve gotten back in the groove of running and will soon be pushing, again, for five-mile runs and longer.

I tweeted yesterday that physically I feel the best I have in a couple of years.  My energy levels are higher.  My sleep is even better.  I’ve given up Diet Mountain Dew and don’t have any trouble staying up a little later than usual or getting up in the mornings.  My moods are better and I haven’t face the occasional melancholy that I get on occasion.  I’ve lost more weight in a month than I ever have in any other month before.

That’s all great.  Physically, it’s been an incredible month.  How about spiritually?  After all, “physical training is of some value, but godliness has value in all things. (1 Timothy 4:8)”  What possible good could what I’ve done over the last month be for me spiritually?  I’ve pondered and prayed about it on some of these walks I’ve been on and I think it comes down to one word.


I have a certain goal of steps I want to hit every day.  In fact, I’ll tell you what that goal is: 20,000 steps every day.  I hit this goal almost every day.  Sometimes I fall a little short.  Sometimes I greatly exceed it.  Regardless, I average about 22,000 each day.

The other thing the Fit bit helps me be disciplined about is my calorie intake.  I shoot for about 2,000 to 2,500 calories each day.  I’ve been burning about 1,000 more than I take in.  I know throughout the day what I’m eating.  I know when I need to cool it or when to eat more.

I don’t think it’s any different with what we do in the Christian walk.  You have to disciplined about being in God’s word.  You need to be disciplined about your prayer life.

Notice that I keep mentioning the word discipline.  Understand that I do not mean legalistic.  Being disciplined about our prayer and scripture times will not make us right with God.  Only Christ was able to do that for us.

However, it might behoove us to be disciplined about how we read the Bible.  Maybe we set a goal of so many pages we read in our Bible every day.  Or chapters.  Maybe we take a One Year Bible reading plan and stick to it.  Maybe, if you haven’t ever done something like this before, you read a paragraph.  Honestly, I don’t care.  What I care about is that we spend time in the word every day.Start small.  Read as much as you like.  Develop an appetite for God’s word.  Stick with it.

The same can be said for our prayer lives.  Don’t think that you have to speak to God for thirty minutes to an hour.  Say what is on your heart and mind.  That might mean your prayer lasts a minute.  Fine.  Do it again tomorrow.  And again.  I think you’ll find that it will grow a little more as you go.  And don’t think that you have to talk to God in King James English.  Talk to him like you would your best friend or wife.

My FitBit has helped me be able to focus on everything in my life better.  It helps me have the discipline to be in God’s word better.  It gives me time to pray and talk to God like I haven’t in some time.  The FitBit has helped me physically, but it has also helped me spiritually.

How is your discipline when it comes to spending time with God?

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  1. robshep
    August 12, 2014 at 9:03 am

    That’s great. You are killing it! I need to take advantage of the food portion of this. I don’t.

  2. August 12, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    I’m disciplined about having a time to read. My struggle is making sure it is not just rote. My cycling can become like that so I choose different routes from time to time. I need to take different approaches as well to my Bible reading.

    • August 17, 2014 at 5:43 am

      I think it’s in these disciplines that we find freedom.

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