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Three Years Ago

Three years ago tomorrow, everything was good.  Everything was fine.  I suspected nothing.  As far as I knew, nothing was going to happen.

Then, three years ago today, at 7 pm, it happened.

I was kicked out of my church.

No, I wasn’t actually told not to come back.  A fellow showed up at my house and told me that I was not being asked back to be a Sunday school teacher.  I don’t think anyone really expected me to leave when the decision was made but the way it was handled, I felt like I couldn’t stay.

I went through what I call the Margaritaville stages of handling this.  I blamed everyone else.  Then I accepted part of the blame.  Finally, I accepted the blame.

I have been angry, bitter and every emotion in between since that time.  There are people in my community that I still have difficulty seeing out and about.  I don’t wish them I’ll.  I hope the best for them.  I still just hurt a bit when I see them.

Most of all, I’ve grown tired of feeling bad about it.

The Lord turned it into something better than what was before it.

We found a church home that is perfect for us.  Our children love the Lord.  Life is better than three years ago.

Three years ago.

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  1. August 14, 2014 at 5:14 am

    In June of 2000 I left a church after they “fired” me although they did not call it that. “I moved on.” We moved in with my m-i-l after our house sold in 2 weeks. I was asked to be the pastor of the hometown church and 5 years later I moved here. Life is better than it has ever been. Would I have known or cared about moving to Spencer? Probably not. But today…here I am and loving ministry.

  2. August 14, 2014 at 8:40 am

    I don’t like cliches like “God opens a window” but so often we don’t see the big picture and how things can be used to change us. Sorrow and grief that my family went through when I was young prepared me to be a better friend as an adult – more understanding, courageous, and compassionate.

  3. Faye
    August 14, 2014 at 10:56 am

    God generally has to use the Heavenly 2 x 4 before we grasp tely remove our desire to attend one church before we got the idea He wanted us someplace else.
    Another time, we were blown away by the words about a pastor returning from another calling in less than a year that, “God would never do that! It can’t be right.”
    That led us out of that church and into the one we’re part of now.
    Those 2 x 4 moments are painful and leave horrible bruises. but the resulting obedience

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