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8 Things We Should Dwell On

Paul continues to wrap up his letter to the Philippians.  After spending much of the letter discussing the role of the Gospel in their lives, he is giving them practical steps in how to live our their faith.

There are many things that we can think of and dwell on.  We have many distractions in our lives.   No matter what we encounter, God has things that He wants us to think and meditate on   Paul goes through these in Philippians 4:8-9.

Finally, brethren.  Paul continues his theme of family.  He loves the Philippians like they are his own flesh and blood.  He feels connected to them through Christ in a way that goes far beyond mere physical family relations.

whatever is true.  Truth is at the heart of our faith.  Without truth, there is no foundation for what we believe.  Truth is so important that our God is the God of truth.  It is so important that it is more than abstract.  Truth is a person, how Jesus described Himself.

whatever is honorable.  Here Paul describes that which goes far beyond most of the trivial things focus on.  Instead, Paul describes that our focus should be on the higher things that derive from the Lord.

whatever is right.  The word Paul uses here  derives from the word righteousness.  Along with what is honorable, our thoughts should be on what lines up with the righteousness of God.

whatever is pure.  Purity is what is free from sin, holy, morally,  and clean.  We should be thinking on what is pure.

whatever is lovely.  Paul is describing what is pleasing and attractive to God.

whatever is of good repute.  Paul describes here what is highly regarded and well thought of.

if there is any excellence.  Paul says that our thoughts should be on what is excellent.  All of these things that were previously discussed are excellent.

and if anything worthy of praise.  The same goes for praise.  These things are meant to be praised.

dwell on these things.  Paul finally gets around to saying that these things should be what our thoughts are made of.  It goes beyond just merely thinking, though.  They should be what we meditate on.  These things are a bounty of food and we should partake continuously to nourish ourselves.

The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me.  Paul pursued this type of life.  This is what his thinking and meditation were made of.  He taught this to the Philippians.  They received his teaching.  They heard his words.  They viewed this in his life.  He did more than just give lip service.  He lived as an example for those who would follow Christ.

practice these things.  After teaching the Philippians how to think and meditate, Paul didn’t leave it there.  He encouraged them to live these out in their lives.  He wanted them to make these what their lives were made up of.

and the God of peace will be with you.  Since these eight things are from God, He will be with us as we think and meditate on these things.

Thinking and meditation is where it starts, but the Lord, though Paul, doesn’t leave us there.  He wants us to focus on these things, but He does not want us to simply remain there.  He wants these to become evident in our lives by practicing them in everything that we do.

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