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How Many Keys Do You Have On Your Key Ring?

Recently a gal came by my desk asking if I waned to buy a key ring.  Another person at work makes key chains that highlight particular high schools.

I didn’t buy one, but it did cause me to pause and look at my key ring.  As I recalled while talking to Jan, it’s about twenty-seven years old.  An old girlfriend gave it to me for my birthday in 1987.  All that is left is the actual ring part.  There is no attachment, though I think it used to have that said “Destined For Greatness.”

What is even more interesting is that it has exactly two keys on it: my truck key and my house key.  I don’t have any others.  I don’t want  any more.  That’s it.

This story made think of blog post from James Clear this week.  You can read it here if you like.

The post talks about a guy who asked Warren Buffett about goal setting.  Buffett told to write down his top 25 goals.  Then he told him to pick the top 5 out of those.  Then his advice was to focus on those 5 goals and don’t even think about the other 20 until he had achieved those 5.

That’s why I like only having two keys on my key ring.  I only have to think about two keys.  No others distract me.  I’ve seen people who have so many keys that it takes them forever to open a lock.


What if we did that with our spiritual lives?  What if we focused on one or two things in our spiritual life?  Too often we can become distracted by so many choices.  We allow too many things into our lives.  What if we stripped down our lives to a more simple and basic structure?

I don’t know if that’s the answer.  What I do think is that instead of being generalists in our spiritual lives and relationship with Christ, we should be monogamous.  We need to quit flirting with everything and be true to our one true love.

Do you let yourself become distracted in your relationship with Christ?   Do you need fewer “keys” on your spiritual key ring?

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  1. patchingcracks
    October 24, 2014 at 4:09 am

    Great analogy. This really spoke to a matter I have been praying about. Too often believers chase everything and end up with nothing. Thanks for sharing it. Awesome stuff.

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