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Bathroom Rules And The Gospel

I go to the bathroom.  Every day.  Several times per day.

There’s only one problem that I run into.  Everyone doesn’t follow the rules  This causes me some consternation.

What?  You haven’t heard of the rules?  Let me help you out.

First, if there are three urinals, you take one of the side urinals first.  If you are the second guy, you take the other side urinal.  Never, ever take the middle urinal first.  It’s always last.

If you walk in and the two side urinals are taken, than take an empty stall.  The middle urinal is always your option of last resort.  If you use a stall, lock the door.  Do not leave the possibility of someone walking in on you.

Final rules?  Do not talk to the guy beside you.  This is a sacred time.  That guy standing there does not want to talk to you.  He’s on a mission.  Also, do not talk on your cellphone in a stall. No one wants to hear your conversation with your wife while you’re in there.


These are silly rules, aren’t they?  Yet someone, let’s call him a friend of  mine, lives strongly by these rules.  He feels that a violation is a breakdown in the order of society.

Some might call this guy a bit of a legalist.  He might be guilty of judging other people by his standards when it comes to bathroom protocol.  In fact, he might find these rules to be a vital part of life.


We can do this with our spiritual life, can’t we?  We can make all sort of rules to order our life by.  It may be because we believe that have to earn God’s favor.  Perhaps it’s because we think that once we come to know Christ we have to follow the rules to stay on His good side.  Maybe we come up with a myriad of other reasons.

Thank goodness for the Gospel.  We have good news that allows to not have to follow man-made rules and protocols so that we don’t have to struggle trying to be right with God.

Jesus did that for us.  He kept the rules so that we don’t have to.  We don’t have to follow bathroom protocol trying to earn His favor.  He earned it for us.

Have you ever created rules in your life in order to be right with God?

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  1. November 7, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Great take on rules to live by and the Gospel. The Bible really is our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The basic and important tips for a happy abundant life is in there.

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