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Have You Hit Your Sweet Spot?

It may have happened before but, if so, I don’t remember.  It was during my first year playing Little League.  The Indians, my team, were playing the Royals at Popkin Field 1.  I was batting seventh in a lineup that would develop into a mighty team the following year.

The pitcher was pretty good, but not good enough this day.  He threw a pitch right down the middle and my swing was not late.  The bat met the ball perfectly.  The ball jumped off the bat and screamed into right-center field finding the gap between the center.  I stood and watched for a split second, not knowing what to do at an at-bat that felt so good.  Even though I had a late start toward first, I was still standing as I rounded third.  As fast I was I made it home easily.

What I’m not describing was not an inside the park home run, even though that was the result.  No, I’m describing something much more central to the event.

I had hit the sweet spot.


Maybe you never played baseball.  Perhaps you have played golf, though, and know that feeling.  Your swing is pure.  You coil perfectly during the back swing.  Your hips turn just right.  You can feel the ball leave your club head and you don’t even have to look.  You know the shot it perfect.

That’s what it’s like to hit the sweet spot.  It can happen in other areas of life as well.

Maybe you’re a speaker and one day you’re just on.  You’re in a special groove.  Your words flow.  You’re one with your audience.  They hang on every word.  It’s so surreal that when you’re done time seems to have stood still.  You can’t believe that you’re done.  It felt so good.

Maybe it’s when you go for a run.  The hills seem smaller and the miles even shorter.  You hit that fabled runner’s high.  You could go on forever, or so it seems.


I think that’s what we want in life.  We want to hit our sweet spot.  Whether it’s in our job or in our marriage, we want it.  Few of us seem to hit it.  But guess what?

When we hit, even ever so briefly, it gives us hope.  It let’s us know that it’s attainable.  That it’s worth pursuing.  That it actually exists.

That’s what makes us get up every day.  It’s what makes the grind worth it.  Because, yes, most days are made of the grind.  Not a negative experience, but just the normal, everyday experience.  And we put our heads down and fight.


Because the sweet spot is there for us to hit.

Have you hit your sweet spot?

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  1. Dan Black on Leadership
    December 31, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Fantastic post! Using our strengths allows us to consistently hit our sweet spot.

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