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A Review of Taken 3

My family and I went to see Taken 3 Saturday night.  You might recall that it did not make my top 10 list of most movies for 2015.  I really didn’t plan on going to see it at the theater and planned on waiting until it was out at Redbox.  However, my family wanted to see it and we rarely go to the movies together, so off we went.

We had really enjoyed Taken and Taken 2 over the past few years.  Taken took us by surprise when it displayed Brian Mills’ particular set of skills.  Taken 2 took the stakes to another level.  So when I heard that Taken 3 was going to be made, I look forward to it with anticipation.

Then the reviews rolled in, like my friend Rob’s that he posted at his blog.  He didn’t like it, comparing it to Speed 2 as one of the worst sequels ever.  My in-laws went to see it, stating with wild abandon how great it was.  So, what would I find when we went?

I liked it.

I didn’t think it was the greatest.  I think it had a nice twist on the previous two films.  Brian Mills had to use his skills to evade capture by the police, solve the crime he was accused of, and exact some justice and vengeance.  It was good escape fare and we all enjoyed it.

If everyone else hadn’t wanted to go see it, I would have waited for it to come out on DVD.  I would have rented it and, perhaps, enjoyed even more.  Now, though, Jan wants to buy it for our DVD collection.

If you go to the theater, try to go to the matinée.  Otherwise wait for Redbox.

What movies have you seen lately?  Will you see Taken 3?

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  1. January 26, 2015 at 5:02 am

    Jo & I went to our local theater and saw it this past Friday. She has seen Taken and Taken 2. I have not. That being said, I would agree with you. it was good entertainment. It was action filled. Not a Top 10 movie but not bad either. She also asked me to see Godzilla with her and i will take this over that one. 🙂 I suspect a boxed trilogy will be bought some day.

  2. robshep
    January 26, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Larry, thanks for the shout. You know my thoughts about this one.

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