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When Routines Get Out Of Whack

Whew, the last few days have been busy.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve missed the last couple of days.  No Deuceology this past Friday or yesterday, Monday.  (Rob, I’m surprised you didn’t message me.)

Work was pretty busy last week capped off with a big meeting on Friday.  Then on Saturday we moved my sister-in-law out of her house into my in-laws home.  Sunday, well, we were so worn out that we did what we rarely do.  We missed church services.  Today we had an ice/sleet/snow event that threw our entire region into turmoil.

What I’ve found out through these last few days is that I like routine.  I’m not sure if I knew that before, but I definitely do now.  My days have been out of whack, causing me to miss all of my normal routines.

No getting up at the same time.  No running/walking 20,000 steps each day.  You name a routine and I’m out of sorts right now.

This has caused me to think about what I like about routines.

Routines bring a certain comfort. My life is chaotic enough.  I must have some rocks to cling to.  Something that is solid.

Routines give me the lines that I need to create within.  They give me boundaries to play in.  They give me rocks to build my foundation with.

However, there is one thing they cannot replace.

Routines can be rocks, but they cannot replace the Rock, the one true foundation  of our lives.

You see, I let Him get out of my routine for these last few days too.

I lost focus on Him.  I lost sight of Him.  Jesus didn’t play much of a part of my life for a few days.

We can have routines.  I recommend them.  However, these routines cannot replace the Routine that Christ needs to be in our lives.

So, I confess it.  To all of you who are my friends here at Deucology.  Pray for me as I continue my journey toward the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Do you ever get out of whack with Jesus?

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  1. February 17, 2015 at 7:18 am

    I like change. but I also like routine. My worst time for “time with God” is when I am on vacation. totally messes up my routine. as for the answer to your question: I believe that is why I am where I am right now…seeking Him and waiting.

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