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Should The Church Be Focused On Customer Service?

I reserved some movies from Redbox the other day.  I went to get them, only to find that the kiosk was completely shut down.  I was unable to get my movies, meaning that I would soon be charged even though I could not get them.

I quickly emailed Redbox.  The reply was that they would refund my charge and give me a couple of credits for my inconvenience.  All in all, a good customer service experience.

It makes me wonder if we should be customer service oriented in the church.  Or if we are.  And if not, what does that look like?

Some naysayers might say that we would take God and the Spirit out of the church if we do that.  We might become so focused on the “consumer” that nothing spiritual is left.  Those are certainly some concerns, but only if we take it too far.

For example, are our nurseries so exemplary that no one would hesitate to leave their baby in them?  Parents are pretty particular about where they leave their children.

How about the bathrooms?  Are they clean?  Would anyone hesitate to actually use our facilities?  Is our toiler paper a fine grade of sandpaper?

We could think about a million other ways that we could view customer service, but it really comes down to one word.


Within the church, love is the definition of customer service.  Do we love Christ so much that we will put others before ourselves?  Let’s face it, we have all experienced bad examples.  We have all probably faced someone’s glare, or worse, when we took “their” pew.  In fact, you’ve never seen the bad side of this until you’ve actually been asked to move out of someone’s seat.

So, no, focusing on others does not take the Spirit out of our gatherings.  In fact, it may leave more room for the Lord than anything else we do.  When we love others like we love ourselves, we display the best form of customer service possible.

Does your church have good customer service?

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  1. February 25, 2015 at 7:35 am

    We try to allow people to have a good experience when with us.

  2. robshep
    February 26, 2015 at 8:36 am

    We aim to. Chick-fil-A calls it “Second Mile Service.” They reference Jesus teaching about going the extra mile. If CFA is that passionate about it for serving chicken then how much more should the church be passionate about serving people?

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