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It’s been a crazy week.  A couple of snow events and some white knuckle driving happened.  Thankfully it’s over and March is just around the corner.

My kids were bored so we pulled out the Aggravation game the other night.  Are you familiar with this game?  I’ve been playing it all of my life, but I’m not sure about its recognition among others.

Aggravation is a game where each player has four marbles.  You start out in home base.  A roll of the dice, make that die, that ends in a six or a one and you get out.  You go around the board trying to make it to safety.  Once there, no one can get you out.

It struck me, as we played,  how much the game of Aggravation is like life.  You wait until you have your moment. You chase your dream.  Others can affect your standing.  You can win, fail, win and fail again.

Then there is the safety factor.

Once you make it into safety, no one can harm you.  You can no longer lose out.  You can’t be removed from the safety spot.


Some people won’t agree with me on this.  Believe it or not, some folks’ theology doesn’t line up with mine.

I believe Christ is our safety spot.  He is our goal.  He is where we are, but also where we’re headed.  If we have come to faith in Christ, of course.

Once we come to that faith, we can’t lose it.  Nothing, no one, can remove us.

Sure, life can be an aggravation.  It can be full of stress and ups and downs.

But Christ is our safety spot.

Do you know the game of Aggravation?

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