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Why My Sisters Are Sons Of God

I don’t know when I started paying attention to the gender wars of our faith.  I’m sure that it was sometime in the last two decades.  I have definitely been more sensitive to it during the past few years.

Part of that war has been the gender language in the Bible.  Sometimes you will run across a phrase that is masculine and some people want to change it to include both male and female language.

A good example of this is Ephesians 1:5 where Paul writes that “He predestined us to adoptions as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself.”  Some might want that changed to sons and daughters or even to children of God.  There’s a problem that would cause though.

It would totally devalue our sisters in Christ if we did that.


When Paul says that we are adopted as sons, he doesn’t say just men are adopted.  He says that all who are listening to his letter being written or reading it are adopted.  This means our wives, daughters, sisters and friends.

Some ladies might be gritting their teeth at this, but they really shouldn’t.

Back in those days women had few, if any, rights.  They didn’t inherit anything.  The boys got it all and if the girls were married off.

Paul actually raises the value of women here by saying that the women who are in the faith would be treated equally with the men.  In God’s family, there is no male or female.  We are just all “sons’, sharing in the inheritance  that comes with joining the family of God.

So, my wife, my daughter and all my sisters in Christ are adopted as sons, everyone equal, everyone sharing the same inheritance that comes with Christ being our Savior.

How would your wife or daughter feel about being a “son” of God?

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