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Anticipating Changes

At work recently we have been focusing on world class customer service.  We have been defining certain aspects of what world class customer service means and how we will live that out in our work.

One of our challenges was to take one of those aspects and make it personal, a goal for us to focus on.

Mine was anticipate.

What that means is that I want to anticipate what is coming and think outside the box instead of letting things ride just like they have always been.

That’s tough for me.  It’s so easy to just let things be the way they’ve always been.  It’s comfortable.  It feels good.  When I let that happen, I can just go on auto-pilot and cruise through work.

That’s not a good thing at work.  That’s not a good thing in life.

I realize that I haven’t anticipated enough in more than just work.  It has bled over into the other parts of my life.  It has bled over into this blog.

I became so comfortable writing and posting five times per week, I was afraid to change.  I was afraid to vary from what I expected from myself and what I thought everyone expected from me.

I didn’t anticipate that as life changes, I must change my blogging habits.  I must shed old habits and create new disciplines.

I didn’t anticipate that I might need to change and vary my approach to writing as I grow and mature.

I didn’t anticipate the small changes that I needed to make in my life to make me better and grow.

So, I’m going to try to stretch, grow and mold myself into something, someone better.  I hope this blog follows suit.

Do you find it difficult to anticipate needed changes in your life?


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