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Are You Sitting In The Shade?

I was walking at lunch the other.  I do that often, on my way to get my 20,000 steps that I walk almost every day.

I turned in one direction and was surprised by something I saw.  Connected between two trees was an ENO hammock.  Someone was inside the hammock, presumably sleeping their lunch hour away.  Unfortunately, we don’t have sleep pods like Google, so we have to improvise on our campus.

I could discuss the virtues of the ENO hammock, I suppose, but that’s not what I’m here for.  Instead, let’s go in another direction.  Let’s talk about the trees.

These trees weren’t huge, but they weren’t small either.  Based on what I saw, there were no issues with attaching the hammock the trees.  The guy in the hammock was just there in the shade.

The think about the trees, though, is that they have only been there since 1998.  That’s when we opened up our current office.

The thing about the shade the trees provided is that these trees have grown considerably in the past 17 years.  Beyond that, someone had to plant those trees at some point.  Someone had a vision of what the landscaping would look like and it benefited a guy in a hammock.

We all benefit in some way from what those who went before us have done.  Someone has blazed the trail.  Someone has a dreamed up a vision.

We are the beneficiaries.

It’s all too easy to discount what has happened before us.  After all, we’re smarter and know more.  However, when we really pause and look back, we can see the path that someone cut before us.

When we sit, or sleep in the shade, someone before us planted the tree.

Do you recognized the shade provided by someone else’s planting?



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  1. ecwaters67
    June 5, 2015 at 7:35 am

    I love this post today. Not only did it make me ponder on who has gone before me to provide that shade for me, but it also made me look in another direction…it made me think about what I’m doing now that will affect the shade I provide for someone else in the future. What do I need to do to deepen and strengthen my roots so that someone coming along years after me will have ample shade? Thanks for this one, Larry!

  2. June 5, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Great story and yes I do ponder those who went before us who left good things for us to enjoy. Makes me want to plant a tree for my grand children.

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