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Paul and the Mystery of Christ

It seems like we are flying through Ephesians.  Today we move into Chapter 3.  On a side note, next week I will be on vacation and not preaching at the campground.  I’ll be back the following week with the second message from Ephesians Chapter 3.

Paul begins Chapter 3 with the phrase For this reason.  It serves the same purpose as if Paul had written Therefore.  He is referring back to Chapter 2.  This reason can be broken down into five parts:

  • Believers become new in Christ (v 15)
  • Believers become one body (v 16)
  • Believers come near to Christ
  • Believers are citizens of the kingdom
  • Believers are being built into the temple of God

This is the reason that Paul refers to as he begins Chapter 3.  So what does this reason lead to?

First, Paul is a prisoner of the mystery of Christ.  It is a stewardship of God’s grace.  This mystery came to Paul by revelation.  The question is, now, what exactly is this mystery of Christ?  It is that Jew and Gentile unite into one body and family in Christ.

Paul then describes the plan of the mystery.  The results  are the we are the following:

  • Fellow heirs
  • Fellow members
  • Fellow partakers

How was this mystery delivered?  Through the preaching of the mystery.  Paul was made a minister of this mystery according to God’s grace according to the working of His power.  Specifically Paul was called to preach to the Gentiles.  What exactly is Paul preaching?  The unfathomable riches of Christ, bringing to light the administration of the mystery.  For what purpose?  The manifold wisdom of God, which is the eternal purpose in Christ.

For Paul, this is a privilege.  It brings boldness and confidence.  For what?  Access to God through faith in Christ.  The results are our glory, so we should not lose heart.


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