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It was just a few years ago that I first heard the term FOMO.  I remember scratching my head, trying to figure out what it meant.  Someone finally explained it to me, telling me that FOMO means Fear Of Missing Out.

Once I realized what it meant, I realized that I suffered from it.  I would scan Twitter relentlessly in my attempt to stay on top of everything.  I would take every chance to peruse Facebook in my attempt to know what was happening.  FOMO dominated my life.

Lately I have eased off of that.  I rarely really scroll through my Facebook timeline to see what is happening.  I spend less and less time really checking out all of the tweets of those I follow.  I simply don’t have the time to devote to it like I used to.

Lately, though, I’ve heard of another term with which to replace FOMO.  It’s called JOMO.

JOMO stands for Joy Of Missing Out.  Here is how I interpret what that means.

With JOMO, one intentionally limits what they allow to enter their minds.  Instead of flooding our minds with information, we would purposely avoid the cascade of posts and tweets that can potentially enter our lives on a daily basis.

I’ll be honest, here, that I haven’t quite gotten there yet.  However, it is intriguing.  Can  I really do it consistently?  I’m sure I could.  Do I want to?  That is the question to answer.  Another is what difference would it make in my life?  What could I focus on that might benefit me or my family more?  Or my career?  Or anything else that I am interested in?

FOMO vs. JOMO.  That is the question.  Which will it be?

Have you ever suffered from FOMO?  Would you embrace JOMO?

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  1. robshep
    July 13, 2015 at 9:26 am

    There have been a few times I’ve had FOMO. It may seem silly but I try to believe wherever I go that’s where the party is at. Not in a narcissistic way that makes it all about me, but in a I can only be present where I’m at type of way so I can’t worry about what others are doing. I’ll make what I’m doing fun. Does that make sense?

  2. July 13, 2015 at 9:29 am

    I like the JOMO attitude. i am not on FB or Twitter so I can’t or don’t have that anxiety. I can live without it.

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