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Book Review: The Art Of Work by @jeffgoins

I love to read.  The problem I find myself in is that I am usually way behind on my reading list compared to when a book comes out.  So it is that I have just recently completed The Art of Work by Jeff Goins.

There are many things I could say about this newest book by Jeff.  Perhaps the best thing I could say is that I wish that I could travel back in time and give it to myself earlier in life.  It’s a book that I needed to read years, perhaps decades, ago.

Jeff has written a book that helps one find “a proven path to discovering what you were meant to do.”  Reading this book in my teens or early twenties would have saved me from running into a lot of brick walls in my life.

According to Jeff there are seven stages to finding the work you were meant to do.  They consist of:

  1. Listening To Your Life
  2. Accidental Apprenticeships
  3. Painful Practice
  4. Building Bridges
  5. Pivot Points
  6. The Portfolio Life
  7. Your Magnum Opus

Jeff weaves information that he gained from research and interviews with real life stories of people who have followed these steps.  He was able to find a process that one can follow to discover one’s calling.

I personally cannot find much fault with this book.  Some might find that the process is boiled down too simply, but I think Jeff would say that following the process is anything but simple.

One negative review that I read was from a person of faith who felt that Jeff did not let his own faith come out enough in this book.  I think that person misunderstood Jeff’s purpose.  He wasn’t simply trying to help those of his own faith.  Jeff is trying to help a much broader audience.

If you haven’t read The Art Of Work, I recommend that you get a copy and read it as quickly as possible.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. robshep
    August 3, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Good stuff. He is one that is backing up what he’s preaching.

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