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It’s Ok To Be Angry

I haven’t really been angry lately.

Frustrated?  Absolutely.  Perturbed?  Oh yes.  A little mad?  You could say that.

But angry?  Not lately.

Normally we don’t associate anger with being a good emotion.  The few times I have really been angry have not turned out so well.

The reason I think this is so is because most of the time anger is explosive.  It boils up and out and onto whatever and whoever is in our path.

That shouldn’t be so.

Jesus got angry, but I don’t think he exploded in anger.  In fact, I think his anger, which I have to believe was righteous, was anything but explosive.

I think it was deliberate.

I believe that Jesus saw what was going on in the temple and set about his business with deliberate anger.

I think he purposefully turned the tables over.  I think he slowly but surely made the whip to drive the animals out.

Why aren’t we like that?  It’s ok.

The Bible says to be angry, but sin not.  I think that means it’s ok to be angry about the right things.  We just shouldn’t blow up and on others.

Let’s take abortion.   What if we were very deliberate and cool about our anger?  What if our anger was such that people thought we were calm and cool about it?  Would that make a difference when we talked about it with those who hold a different viewpoint?  Not all, but maybe some.

So, let’s be angry.  Find something that is worth being angry about.  Be slow and deliberate, calm, cool and collected about it.

Be angry and sin not.

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