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5 Questions

It’s Labor Day and the unofficial end of Summer, so let’s go easy and light today. I’ll ask 5 questions and you give me your answers.

1. Are you doing anything special today?

2. What’s your favorite holiday?

3. Do you have any goals for the fall?

4. Any special Labor Day memories?

5. Did you do anything special this Summer?

My answers:

1. No, not really.

2. Christmas. 

3. I would like to run 2o miles on my birthday.

4. Just the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon.

5. We went to the beach in Jume.

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  1. katinavaselopulos
    September 7, 2015 at 7:46 am

    Happy Labor Day, Larry.
    My answers:
    1. Yes. Extended family barbecue at my son’s home.
    2. Easter
    3. Finish my book edits and send to editor.
    4. First of May celebrations in Greece with country picnics and kite flying.
    5. Every day was special. Home and garden bound, with family and friends. Hoping for Greece next month!


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