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When You See A Speck

I hate it when I get something in my eye. Usually it is associated with me wearing contacts. An eyelash gets between the contact and my eye and it hurts. I might as well have a log in my eye it hurts so bad.

Sometimes I have to ask for some help. I take my contacts out. I ask Jan to take a look to see if she can see anything. Then I do something about it.

These situations remind me of the speck and log story Jesus tells in the Sermon on the Mount.

Most of us know this. Jesus asks why we point out the speck in soneone’s eye when you have a log in ours.

Most people seem to throw up their hands and give up at this point. After all, the broad contest is about judging others. We read this and think we’re handcuffed.

So what do we do when we see a speck in someone’s eye?

First, we look to our own eyes.

If we have something in our eye, it’s hard to see something in another’s. A modern way of looking at this is to think of flying on a plane. If an emergency happens and the masks drop, you put your own on first. Your aren’t any good to someone else if you can’t breathe. Or see.

Next, you look with compassion on the person with the speck. Just before this Jesus said to not judge so that you want be judged. The context, of course, is judgmental condemnation. It doesn’t mean that you just ignore what is going on. 

Imagine for a minute that someone is passing by someone drowning. Are you going to say that you can’t judge if they’re drowning or not so you just keep going? No. You jump in or throw a life preserver. You do something.

Let’s remember something. When there is a speck in someone’s eye we have a resource. Jesus offered Lving Water to the woman at the well. Water is good for more than drinking. It can flush specks out too. We have been given this water. We can share it with others.

Let’s not deny it from others who need it, who may have a hurtful speck in their eye.

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  1. October 5, 2015 at 6:40 am

    Good advice to start a week Larry.

  2. robshep
    October 6, 2015 at 10:25 am

    Great insight!

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