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Chess Not Checkers

I’m not sure why, but occasionally as a child someone would buy me a chess and checker set.  I would set all of the chess pieces on the board and stare at them. Sure, I would look at the directions and move the pieces around in the ways they moved, but that was about it.

Then I would play some checkers with someone like my dad. I didn’t know anyone who played chess.

Checkers, in comparison, is a simple game. You can pick it up quickly and learn to play right off. Chess takes years to master and, most likely, few truly master it at all.

You never hear the term checkers, not chess.

What if we took that approach with the many facets of our lives? What if we took on life with a chess mindset?

How would that change our marriage? Instead of being satisfied with the status quo we might build extraordinary marriages.

How about our faith? What if we approached the Bible and our church lives with the chess attitude? Would we build incredible faith and faith communities?

The list goes on. Finances. Relationships. Even our health.

Here’s the thing. Don’t jump in and start trying to play chess in every area of your life. Choose one or two that you need to work on right now. Go for it. Shake things up. Change the game.

It’s time to play chess, not checkers.

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