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Deep And Wide

Deep and wide.  Deep and wide.  There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.

I couldn’t help but think about this old children’s church, VBS song as I listened to a podcast yesterday.  It was a show called 5 Leadership Questions with a couple of gentlemen, one whose name escapes me and the other, Barnabas Piper.

I listened to the first episode and they interviewed John Piper, who happens to be Barnabas’ dad.  He also happens to be my favorite pastor/author and I listen to almost all of his own podcasts.  That doesn’t mean I think you must have that same affection for Piper.  In fact, that’s about all I’ll say about him after one little tidbit.

One thing he said was that the one piece of advice he would give his twenty year old self would be to go deep and wide in pursuit of his relationship with God.  This made me pause and think about that very thing in my own life.

I would love to say that I go deep and wide daily in my walk with God.  I would also say that I would love to not lie if I said that.

I think that everything about God is about everything.  So what if I (or you if you’re like me) we went deep and wide in our daily walk with God in everything we do?

What would a deep and wide marriage look like?  I know that too often my own marriage is plenty wide, but much too shallow to qualify as the kind of marriage that I would classify as godly.  What if we went deep with our marriages?  Would God make our marriages as wide as He wanted them?

What about our church lives?  Too often we want a job.  A big job that everyone will recognize.  What if, instead, we took the lowest job available to us and went deep with it.  What if that was to simply anonymously clean the bathrooms?  Imagine doing that for God’s glory as deeply as possible.  What might God do with someone like that?  How wide might He take that person?

How about our work?  Too often we look to the top jobs in a company and will only be satisfied with that.  What if we looked at each position as what God had given us?  What if we did the absolute best work we could?  What if we went as deep as possible?  Might God make our career wide in the process?

There are no guarantees in this.  I can’t promise that we will enjoy greater success if you do these things.  What I can promise is that God will be glorified we did this.  His name would be magnified in the heavens far beyond what we could ever do on our own.

All simply by seeking to go deep before wide.

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  1. October 22, 2015 at 9:27 am

    I think deep is often misrepresented by new. People like new truths and new ways of thinking. When that doesn’t happen church people cry, “It’s not deep.” I like your thoughts on this. We should go deeper relationally. That is we should find out what others love and meet their needs. We should go deeper in our relationship with God, but I don’t think that’s always information.

  2. October 22, 2015 at 5:24 pm

    Good thoughts Larry. I like what John Piper had to say. I have to look back and wonder if I had spent more time getting deep and wide if things would have been different. never know. Hindsight is 20/20

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