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How You Can Be Like Moses Today

You know Moses.

Baby saved by Pharaoh’s daughter.  Prince of Egypt.  Murderer.  Shepherd.  Leader of Israel.

He was just going along doing his thing.  He was leading a couple of million people toward the Promised Land.

His father-in-law, Jethro, showed up to check things  out.  He saw that Moses was having to settle every dispute coming and going with that bunch of people.

So, he pulled Moses aside and told him that it wasn’t working.  Moses was wearing himself out.  He was working hard, but he wasn’t working smart.

Jethro gave Moses some advice.  Pick some guys to help him out.  Divide the work out.  Delegate.  Spread the wealth.

And it worked.  It was a success and Moses was able to focus on more important tasks such as listening to God for direction for the journey.

Notice what happened here.  Moses had a problem.  Jethro had a plan and a system.  Moses heeded his father-in-law’s advice and life got better.

Great story, right?  What does that have to do with us?

More than likely you need a plan like Moses.  I do.  It may not have anything to do with judging the affairs of a nation, but it is still just as important to you as this event was to Moses.

What needs to take place?

First, you need to evaluate you life.  Where do you need work?  Is it your family?  Marriage?  Health, career, personal growth?  There could be any number of areas.  Take some time.  Audit your life.  I bet if you do that, just like when I do this, you will find areas that need to be strengthened.

Second, you probably need some help.  You need some outside eyes to take a look at things.  Believe it or not, you have some blindspots.  There are things you don’t see about yourself or your life.  A friend of mine told me some time back that I had gained weight.  I knew that, but I needed someone to tell me.  You may need a coach, a mentor, a counselor, someone to take a look at you and point you in the right direction.

Finally, you need to take action.  Knowing what to do is not the same as doing it.  It does no good to look at your life, have a plan and then do nothing about it.  It won’t be comfortable.  It won’t feel right.  It may hurt for a bit.  Change always does.

There’s one more piece of advice I have to give.  Be humble.  Don’t think you know it all.  Someone always knows something you don’t that will help you.  Someone will always see an area of your life that you need help with.  Set aside your ego for your betterment.

Do you have an area of life you need some help with?

  1. October 29, 2015 at 11:04 am

    Be humble is crucial. It’s often not failure but success that ruins great leaders. It’s difficult once you have something to not let it ruin you.

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