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How Your Pastor Should Be Like You

My last real post was about how you should be like your pastor.  After all, you are a leader and pastors are leaders.  You can learn a lot from someone whose job description is basically to be a shepherd.

But it goes both ways.  Your pastor should also be like you.

We put pastors up on some sort of pedestal, one that most of them don’t want to be put on.  Sure, we’ve all probably had a few who want to be elevated.  There’s a rotten one that comes along occasionally.  A few will demand that they are the leader and will accept no other competition within the churches they serve.

Most of them, though, really want to be the best they can be.  They aren’t threatened by other people in the church and understand they can learn from others.

So, how should a pastor be like you?

Many of us have tons of leadership training.  We seek to expand our leadership in all sorts of ways, through blogs, podcasts, books and any other place we can find it.

Pastors need to be like us.

I’m not saying we have it all together, but too many pastors think that all they have to do is be called to preach.  They are the authority and everyone needs to listen to them.

My prayer is that those pastors will hear from God and try to learn to be better leaders.

I’m blessed to know a few pastors who refuse to be this way.  My friend, Bill, who visits this blog is one, as well as RobShep.  My good friend, Matt Cannon, is among this group.  My own pastor is as well.

I hope yours is too.

Few people are natural leaders.  Most that I know have to work at it.  Fewer still are suddenly endued with leadership ability the moment they come to know Christ.

Our pastors need to be like you.  And you over there.  And you way over there.  All of you are seeking to be better leaders in this world.

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  1. December 16, 2015 at 7:03 am

    Thanks for the kind words Larry. I learned long time ago (after years of thinking I had it all together) that I had much to learn.

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