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What’s Been Going On Around Here?

I’m not sure why you show up and read this blog.  I really don’t.  I have been wildly inconsistent of late.  I’ve made all sorts of excuses over the last year, but I think I’ve finally really nailed it down to what the problem has been.

First, there has been a technological issue.  For nearly eight years I have lived in a location where I cannot get good quality internet.  I have had to use some sort of cellular device to provide our connection to the Interwebs.  For the past several months it has truly been a chore to get connected.  In fact, I cannot remember the last time I wrote a post on my laptop.  Almost every post I have written for a while has been on my iPhone.  While this has worked, I don’t type well just using my thumbs and it had become a chore.  I truly didn’t enjoy writing this any longer.  I have just been going through the motions because I simply didn’t want to quit.

This changed last week.  We bit the bullet and got satellite internet.  While not the best, it is the best available to me.  And it changes everything.

This is the first post that I have actually been able to write with a good connection in months.  I’m also writing it well ahead of time.  Finally, I can work ahead of schedule with decent tools.

So, what do I expect?  And what should you expect?

Deuceology back on a regular schedule.

Hopefully the fun and joy of doing this thing back.

There is some good that came out of not really being able to write like I want.  I have had time to think about what I really want this blog to be.

There was a time that it was just a place to dump all of my random thoughts.

Then it morphed into a forum for me to grind my ax on whatever issue I was upset about.

I wanted to be a professional and mimicked whatever writer I wanted to be like on any given day.

Now, it’s time to write about what I truly care about.  So, here it is.

I’m going to focus on what I learn from the Bible.  No agenda.  Just someone who is a fellow learner like, really, all of us.

I’m going to write on leadership, vision and that sort of thing. Not from the perspective of an expert, but of one who is still learning.

I want to throw in some book reviews along the way, because I want to read some books along the way.

I also won’t abandon my movie and TV show reviews.  I may even combine some and do a series of leadership lessons from The Walking Dead.

Hang on folks.  It’s going to get fun around here again.


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  1. January 25, 2016 at 5:50 am

    Larry, I read your posts because they let me know the feelings I have are pretty much normal because I am not the only one having them.
    I write on my blog, not regularly anymore, because I have thoughts to share. Not many read my posts, but it does get my thoughts out there.
    I also live where there is little, if any internet signal and had to invest in an antenna system to even pick up a cell signal. But that signal now provides internet to my WiFi.
    I look forward to your posts.


  2. January 25, 2016 at 7:02 am

    Let the fun begin!

  3. January 25, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Looking forward to what lies ahead!

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