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Why Do We Exist?

I’m reading a fantastic book right now.  It actually has nothing to do with what I usually write about.  Instead it focuses on business

The book is called The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business, written by Patrick Lencioni.  It is divided into four parts, which cleverly enough, is what the author claims are needed to build a healthy organization: Build A Cohesive Leadership Team, Create Clarity, Over-communicate Clarity, and Reinforce Clarity.

Currently, I am working my way through the Create Clarity section.  There are six questions that the author says an organization must answer.  For today’s purposes, I’ll stop with the first one: Why do we exist?

It amazed me that the first question an author asked is a question that many of us ask ourselves.  Why do we exist?  There are a lot of angles that we can ask ourselves personally, but the answer that Lencioni gives can’t be much different than what our personal reason for existing is.

The reason a business exists and, I think, the reason we exist are the same.  We exist to make someone’s life better.

Now, someone might say that we exist to give God glory, to lead others to Christ or to leave the world better.  I totally agree with those.  We do exist for those things.  But won’t they all make someone’s life better?

So, let’s wake up each day with that result in mind.  Let’s seek to make someone’s life better.

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