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Who Is A Creative?

There’s a word that’s been driving me crazy for a while.  It hasn’t always, as I identified myself with it since I write a blog.  It’s just recently that it’s begun to bug me.  Honestly, it annoys me.

It the term, creatives.

This is what I understand people to mean when they refer to people as creatives.  I understand them to mean that they are referring to someone as an artist.  No, not someone who necessarily creates art, poetry or music.  It’s someone who has a different take on business  and life and seeks to change things, to make a difference.

And I think that stinks.

I look around at everyone around me and see a ton of creatives.  It may not be in their job.  It might not be in their vocation.  It may be that they are creative in something they are passionate about.

I see this in my everyday life, well, every day.

My wife can look at almost anything in life and organize it.  She and I can put the same pillow on the couch and somehow it looks better when she does it.  Does that mean she isn’t a creative?

I suppose that it comes down to me simply hating labels.

I hate that there is Country music, Rock, Bluegrass or that catchall, Americana.

And I hate that we have Creatives.

I don’t think it’s intentional, but it seems to, pun not intended, create a separation.

How about this instead?  How about we celebrate everyone’s creativity?  Instead of putting people in another category, let’s push others to express their creativity.

Why do I think that you and I are creatives?

Because we were created by a Creator.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that some of that Creativity passes through to us in all sorts of different ways?

Maybe you’re a fantastic welder and the other guy is a great writer.  Who’s the creative?

I say we all are.

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  1. March 9, 2016 at 7:46 am

    I understand what they are trying to say but i agree Larry. I may not be a millennial creative but I am still creative in my own way. Each one has his/her own way to relate and to “create.” Mine is devoid of the arts. 🙂

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