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How Big Should Your Church Be?

Andy Stanley raised a bit of ruckus lately.  He made some comments in a sermon telling parents not to be selfish about their church wants.  Instead, he told them take their children to a bigger church where their kids could be in a larger youth group.  While I can understand people being upset in how Mr. Stanley said his comments, there is a lot that I understand and agree with in what he said.

Today, more so it seems than in any other time in history, we have choices when it comes to church.  Maybe in the past we were limited by geography and our choices were the Baptist, Methodist or some other brand of church.  Now days?  It’s not unusual for people to drive for an hour to go to the church of their choice.  It seems to me that what Stanley was really saying is that parents are all too happy to find a church that they like and park there, not wanting it to change.  They don’t take into account what their total family needs.

A few years ago, my family attended a normal sized church.  Average Sunday school attendance was around 80 each Sunday.  There were some youth, but virtually nothing going on.  My daughter began attending another church’s youth group with her boyfriend.  It was about 30 minutes away from where we lived and she spend Sunday evenings and Wednesday nights there.  While we didn’t face a ton of criticism, there was some heat that we could feel beneath the surface, as though we were traitors for letting our daughter do this.  Among many issues, I think this one helped in the situation that led us to leaving that church.

The problem with many of us in the church is that we find one that we like.  We become comfortable with the people and settle in.  Then we truly settle on that church being that way forever.  Sometimes it’s subtle, when it’s said that the church is just the right size.  Other times it’s blatant when someone says that they don’t really want new people to come in.  Even then, some people want new folks to be on some sort of secret probation until they are allowed to participate in the direction of “their church.”

Imagine, for a moment, someone saying that a 10 year old was just the right size.  No need to grow anymore.  Just stay the way you are.  Ridiculous, right?

Let’s agree that the Church is the Body of Christ.  A body needs to grow.  The Church needs to grow.

Let’s not have the mindset that things need to stay the same forever.  What if we were still driving Model T’s?  Would that good for us?

Instead, let’s prove that our local bodies of believers truly are part of the Body.  Let’s push for growth.  Let’s not settle for remaining the same.

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  1. cleanmo2016
    March 14, 2016 at 7:26 am

    Exactly why I left mankind’s “church.” Yuk. God’s Church is never found on the corner of walk/don’t walk.

  2. March 14, 2016 at 2:51 pm

    Well said Larry. I want to be involved in something that is alive not dead.

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