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Lesson #3 From My Half-Marathon

I have written this week about the lessons I learned from running my latest half-marathon.  The first post was about the effect the other runners and spectators had on me.  The second was about preparation.  I continue this series today.

I had a conversation with someone the other day about running marathons and ultra-marathons.  Such people were declared crazy by the person I was speaking with.  He couldn’t believe that anyone would want to do such a thing.  On Sunday, he ran the half-marathon I participated in.

The thing is that many people would say the same thing about us running a half-marathon.  Others would scratch their heads over someone running a 5k.  The bottom line is that someone will always think that what you are doing is crazy.

The question lies there, then, about why anyone would do these things.  Why would someone run a 5k?  A half-marathon?  A marathon?  An ultra?  Why does someone, anyone, put their body through the training and pain to do something.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but it really comes down to why someone climbs a mountain.  Because it’s there.

We don’t face the same challenges our forefathers faced.  We don’t have to push our bodies as far as they will go just in order to survive.  And guess what?

We aren’t made for an easy life.  We aren’t made to be soft and sit on the couch.  Sure, some will continue to do so, but we just weren’t created to sit around.

We were created for adventure and purpose.  We were made to face challenges and overcome obstacles.

It doesn’t matter if you run 3.1 miles or 13.1.  You have to fight and overcome to do it.  It doesn’t matter if you run 26.2 or 50 miles.  You have to overcome challenges.

That’s what these posts have been about.  About how running a race is a metaphor for life.  The Apostle Paul even describes life as having “run the race.”  He knew that life can be seen in the physical challenges we face.

If we are aware we can see lessons for life in everything we do.  Running is just one of them.  You might do something different, yet you can see the same lessons there as well.  Let’s make sure that we keep our eyes open for what we can learn in all of the things we do.

What lessons have you learned in what you do in life?

  1. April 6, 2016 at 6:43 am

    I don’t run but I do cycle. Life is full of ups and downs. Going up the hill is always a challenge to be met. Going down is the fruit of that labor. “What goes up must come down.” I’ve always liked hills even though I climb them slowly due to my size and also my knees. I now have to climb sitting which is even more of a challenge. But the reward is worth it.

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