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When You Have A Net Win

We all struggle sometimes.  Various issues enter life and we struggle.  You do.  I do.  One of the hardest is when we have a net win in life.

You see, sometimes something happens that appears to be bad.  We hit a rough patch.  However, we make it through it and everything is better on the other side.  We end up with a net win.  The problem comes in that we can’t let go of the rough patch.

A good example is the Georgia Bulldog football program.  They weren’t getting where they wanted, so they fired their longtime coach, Mark Richt.  They have hope again.  They believe again.  Richt has come out lately and admitted some of the mistakes he made while he was Georgia’s coach.  Some fans are losing their minds wondering why he couldn’t figure that out while he was their coach.  Instead, they should say, “Good for you. Godspeed.”  They need to move on.  They got what they wanted.  A new coach.  Hope.  A net win.

It happens in other areas of life.

Someone goes through a bad breakup of a relationship.  They meet someone new much better.  A net win.  Let it go.

Someone else is miserable at work.  They finally leave and find a job they love.  Net win.  Let it go.

Someone is miserable in their church.  They leave and find a church that is truly what they had been dreaming of.  Net win.  Let the other one go.

Imagine if Joseph hadn’t considered being the second in command of Egypt a net win.  He could have truly been bitter and taken it out on his brothers.  Instead his attitude was “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.”

Let’s start letting it go.  We have plenty of net wins in life.

Do you have any net wins in life?  Is there anything you need to let go?

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