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Is The Gospel Affecting You?

Yesterday I wrote a post that focused on the first verse of the Gospel of Mark.  Another thought came out of that, really in the middle of speaking to my group of campers at the campground.

What I realized is that Mark was a gospel focused guy.  Why?  Because the gospel had changed and affected his life.

Mark was a kid who took off on what he thought was the adventure of a lifetime.  He joined Paul and Barnabas, his cousin, on a missionary journey.  Something happened and he abandoned them.  He headed back home.  Maybe he was homesick.  Perhaps Paul was an intense jerk.  Who really knows?

Afterwards, Paul and Barnabas began planning another trip.  Barnabas wanted to take Mark with them.  That’s who Barnabas was.  He was an encourager, most likely an optimist.  Paul?  He wanted no part of taking Mark with them.  He didn’t trust him to stick with it.  Neither one of them was entirely wrong, but neither entirely right either.  They disagreed and split up.

What’ really neat is that later Mark become useful to Paul’s ministry.  Somewhere along the way, he was rehabilitated.  Barnabas surely played a role.  So did the apostle, Peter.  It was most likely from Peter that Mark heard what he wrote in his Gospel.

Now, here is the big idea I had.  Mark knew the power of the gospel, how it is the power of God.  He knew how it could change someone and not just once, but on a continuing basis.  He understood what it was to live a Gospel life.

You see, I think we need to quit living a Christian life.  Christian makes a fine noun, but a terrible adjective.  Instead, we need to live a gospel focused life.  Let’s pray and strive to let the gospel transform every aspect of our lives.  Let it transform how we spend our money at the store.  Let it transform how we work for our employers.  Let it transform, well, everything in our lives.

That’s the kind of life Mark lived.  It transformed him from being a scared kid to being a useful colleague in the gospel and even writing of the accounts of Christ’s life.  Pretty crazy, huh?

Is the gospel affecting your entire life?

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  1. May 9, 2016 at 7:55 am

    I, too, like the gospel-focused life idea. As for its affect? I sure want it to.

  2. robshep
    May 10, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    I love the quote, “Christians make a fine noun, but a terrible adjective.”

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