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How Captain America Is Like Church

I went to see Captain America: Civil War a couple of weeks ago. When I say that I went a couple of weeks ago what I really mean is that I went to the first showing available in my town. Yeah, I know, you already know about my obsession with comic book movies. Yes, it’s a bit unhealthy. But I want to tell you something that struck me as I have reflected on it after watching it.
Captain America: Civil War is like church.
 Wait, what? At least that’s what I imagine some of you thinking as you read that line. So, yes, that’s what I wrote and I stand behind it. That movie, and quite frankly, every Marvel Studios movie is like going to church. Let me explain.

 About a month or so before I saw Civil War, I saw Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. You might recall that I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. It was different from what has been coming from Marvel. And don’t get me wrong, I love Marvel movies. But I don’t want my DC Films to be Marvel Studios films with different heroes. I want them to be different.

 However, the majority of moviegoers disagree with me. That’s fine. We can all like different things. How this applies to church is simple.

 Marvel Studios have a formula. They follow a pattern. If you have seen enough of them, you can tell what the story beats will be. They give you enough familiarity that you are satisfied with the sameness even when they do something different.

 We like that in church, too. Oh sure, some of us will say that we don’t like tradition. We go off and start different types of churches that are structured differently, but eventually we create our own tradition, our own sameness. People come to church with a certain expectation and freak out a little when it things go differently.

 Why is this?

 Our world is changing constantly. The speed of changes in the world increases all the time. Some days it feels like we’re being battered from all sides by change. We want a place to go where things aren’t changing constantly.


 We want to sing hymns tha our grandparents sung. We want to sit in the same pew that our family has sat in for generations.

 We simply want a rock to stand on that doesn’t sway with the changes of time.

 Oh that.

 We have a rock, right? Jesus talks about building on a firm foundation instead of sandy ground. In reality, He’s our Rock. He doesn’t change.

 So, while we put a lock of stock in all of these unchanging things, something is always going to change. We do have lights and AC in our churches here in America, after all.

 Let’s lean on Him instead.

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  1. robshep
    May 23, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    Well done! I like what you did.

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