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Good or Great?

It is easy to get distracted. You’re going along in life, heading in a particular direction and then a squirrel shows up. Often, a pretty big squirrel. Often, again, a very pretty squirrel.
 We look at distractions as bad and, yes, they can be. But often distractions don’t look bad. In fact, they can be very good things.

 Perhaps you have a purpose in life to be an expert in a certain field. Maybe you want to master a musical instrument. Maybe you want to maximize your talent in golf. Perhaps you want to spend the time it takes to lead people to Christ.

 No matter what, you will have to say yes to the things that matter and no to those that don’t.

 If you want to get good playing an instrument, you will have to spend hours practicing scales and such and cut some things from your life. Good things. Things that you really like or want to do. Same thing with golf. And with leading people to Christ.

 I recently read about a couple who had raised wonderful children. They were asked how they had done so well. Their response was probably not what the person asking wanted to here. They had given up almost everything that would distract them from being great parents. They didn’t join clubs. They didn’t spend time with friends without their children. They gave up certain hobbies and interests. Anything they did, they did with their children.

 That seems extreme, doesn’t it? The thing about is that they had a vision for what they wanted their family to look like. They weren’t going to let anything stand in the way of their vision, not clubs, hobbies or friends. Now? Their adult children still spend time with them in many activities.

 We can sacrifice the great in the name of the good. Or we can do the opposite. We can sacrifice the good in the name of the great. It’s really our choice.

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