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Three Questions

I know that you are aware of my obsession with comic book movies. I’m here to tell you today that it doesn’t end there. It extends to TV as well. I watch all of the CW/DC shows. You know, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and, next year, Supergirl. I also watch Agents of SHIELD and I have all of the Netflix Marvel shows queued up. Yeah, you don’t have to tell me, my obsession is far from healthy. 

The Mac Daddy of comic book shows, though, is The Walking Dead. It has gone from being an obscure comic not produce by Marvel or DC to being one of THE shows over the last few years.

 During the fourth season of TWD, the characters started doing something a little different. When they met someone they would as them three questions:

 1. How many walkers have you killed?

2. How many people have you killed?

3. Why?

That’s it. Before they would let someone into their group, those questions had to be answered to their satisfaction.

 I wonder if similar questions wouldn’t be good in the church.

 You get to know someone and ask them a couple of questions:

 1. Have you ever gone to church?

2. Do you go to church?

3. Why?

 Imagine the responses that you would get? And here’s the thing. You don’t get defensive or aggressive when they answer. You just nod along, talk to them and love them. If they want to come to your church, great. If they don’t, love them anyway and be their friend. Maybe they will come later because, well, you loved them and were their friend.

 Let’s not stop there, though. You could modify the questions for those who are already a part of your church.

 1. Have you ever been part of a small group? (Or Sunday School for some)

2. Are you part of a small group? (Or SS)

3. Why?

 The answers to those questions will probably let you know what is keeping people from being part of your small groups or Sunday school.

 Take those questions, modify them for anything that your church is doing. It may help you reach people for whatever mission or activity your church is taking up.


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