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This Isn’t Easy

Have you ever returned to some sort of exercise program after a long layoff? I have. I’ve started running again several times in my life.

Often when I get started, the first run back is easy. The second one may even even be so. The third and fourth? Not so much. The daily consistent grind? Easy, yet tough.

It’s that way with writing a blog. Yesterday’s post was easy. Today? Tough. Doing it daily? Real hard.

How about prayer? Reading the Bible? Easy to do until you try to do it on a daily basis.

What good comes from running daily? Better health and physical fitness.

Writing a blog daily? Discipline and relationships built. How would I know Bill, Rob, Jon and Phil(and many others) without blogging in my life?

What good is daily prayer and Bible reading? The benefits are immeasurable.

None of these things are easy. Nothing worthwhile is. But worth it? Absolutely.

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