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Thinking About The Golden Rule

I’ve been thinking about the Golden Rule lately. Not really sure why, except that I have been thinking about ways to apply it to my life. So, I think these are ways that others can apply it as well. 

One way I’ve been thinking about is politics. If you haven’t noticed, we are in an election year. Soon there will be a new president-elect in the old U.S. of A. So, I’ve been thinking about how the Golden Rule applies to my voting choice.

 Now, you may be wondering what the Golden Rule has to do with voting for president? Here is how I’ve been thinking about it. Would I want the person I’m voting for to be the president for everyone? Most people usually look at it as how it will affect themselves. What if everyone really took the view of it would be best for everyone else to have this person as president. You throw out your past party affiliations. You throw out what you like in a candidate and really dig down and ask, “Would I want to do this to someone else? Would I want to elect this person, not for my own sake, but for the sake of my family and neighbors?”

 Another way to apply the Golden Rule is much broader. It takes some hard work on your part. Are you on the lookout for the good for everyone? I miss this more often than I get it right, but I might have actually done it recently. I know someone who is a deer hunter. I heard about a website that has well produced, television quality videos for deer hunters. It’s not just like the hunting shows on TV. It actually goes into deer management and explores deeper issues. I texted my friend the website so that he would have it available. I got nothing out of it. Or did I? I would want him to do the same for me. If he knows me well enough, I would want him to pass along something similar.

 We really try to make living this Christian life hard sometimes. We look for BIG ways to do Godly things in our lives and for the benefit of others. Instead, maybe it’s just doing the normal things of life in a Godly way. That’s what I’m hoping to do going forward.

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