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Full Measures

The title to this post has popped up in my life a couple of times recently. A football coach mentioned just before the game to his team. A television show that almost everyone has heard of used it as the title of an episode.

Full measures.

I have been enthralled with a section of Mark’s Gospel. It’s found in the ninth chapter, beginning in verse 42. It contains some wonderful imagery.

Millstones tied around necks.

Hands cut off.

Feet chopped off.

Eyes gouged out.

Fires not quenched.

Worms not dying.

The thing that I keep coming around to is the Kingdom Life, the life Jesus is talking about, requires full measures.

Do I need to self-mutilate? No. But I have to be willing to do whatever it takes to be with Jesus, to be in His kingdom.

We take so many half-measures. We play a lot of games. We do this and that and love the lovable Jesus we find in the Bible.

But we don’t do whatever it takes. We don’t cut things out of our life that hinder us. We don’t maintain a singular focus.

Maybe you do. I don’t. But I’m guessing that I’m not unique.

Let’s start taking the steps toward full measures. It’s a journey. Let’s get started. 

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