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Laughing and Clapping

I once read about a spider. I’m sure it was itsy-bitsy, but it didn’t climb the water spout.

No, this spider lives in a lake. It builds its next under the water. Then it spends its day traveling up and down a web that reaches the surface of the lake. When it goes up, it gathers air in a special pouch it has in its body. It takes the air to the next. Then it does it a again and again all day long.

No one really sees the spider. Not unless you’re really looking for it and know what to look for. The spider spends an anonymous life doing what God created it for.

In the cosmic sense, we’re no bigger than the spider. Imagine how big the universe is that God created. The stars that are too many to count. The worlds that we have yet to see.

God sees the spider though. The spider does its job and I can just imagine God clapping and laughing with joy over that little bitty spider.

God created us by breathing life into us. While I’ve heard it said that we should live day by day and minute by minute for God, but I wonder if we shouldn’t take it a step further.

Perhaps we should take it breath by breath. Just like the spider does.

And maybe God is laughing and clapping over each breath we take.

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