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Increase and Decrease

August 20, 2018 2 comments

Somewhere along the way I quit trying to build an audience.

Oh, I used to try all the tricks.  I commented on other’s blogs.  I tried to guest-post on certain blogs.  I would wake up at 4:30 so that I could write blogposts, read and post.  I really wanted my blog to blow up.

Then I gave out.  I was worn out.  It exhausted me.

I wonder if that’s what happened to John the Baptist.

He was called by God to tell Israel to repent because the kingdom of God was at hand.

John drew a big crowd.  People repented.  He baptized a lot of people.

Then he was done.

Jesus came along.  People began following him.  He made some comments about a political figure’s lifestyle and he was imprisoned.

His attitude throughout that?

I must decrease.  He must increase.

His time was over.  Sure, he wondered a bit in prison, but he pretty much knew that he had done his job.

I wonder if that’s why Christians get tired, worn out and burned out.

We try to do a whole lot of stuff that really should be up to Jesus.

We try to win people with our own skills and rhetoric instead of the word and Holy Spirit.

We try to work at everything.  We try to become the big fish in a little pond.  We can go on and on.

We try to increase ourselves, our ministries, our work, our blogs.

What if we really tried to find our lane and our niche.  What if God wants you to help park cars at church?  What if God never wants you to be an upper level manager?

What if?

What if he increased and we decreased?

Getting Back In Shape

July 16, 2018 1 comment

I’m struggling.  A few months ago, I was running three miles in the morning and then walking one for a cool down.  Everything was cool.  My fitness level was improving.  Then I fell off the wagon.

I had a layoff for a little while.  Now I’m trying to get back at it and I’m not anywhere near that fitness level.  Maybe it’s because it’s a lot warmer at 5:30 in the morning during July compared to March, but I’m hitting a wall.  Mentally I’m wondering if I’ll ever get back.  Will I ever be able to run 5 miles or 9 or a 15k (all current goals)?

This is not unlike my blogging. This is my second post back. Would it be smart to jump back to writing a post every day? How about one a week? Then two and three. Then more if it works.

I think that it’s like that in our spiritual lives.  We go along really well for a while.  We’re reading a ton of scripture.  Our prayer life is awesome.  Then life happens and we begin to slack off.  Not excure for it, but it happens.

Then we want to get back at it.  We start reading the Bible.  Genesis and Exodus go well, but then we run into Leviticus.  Or 1 Chronicles.  Or Job.

We’re not ready for all of that.  We’re not in “shape.”  We can’t read the Bible that way or for that long or whatever parameter we want to put on it.  We can’t pray for hours or take on nearly as many things at church as we did before.

We need to do what we can.  Run a mile and walk one.  Read the Bible for 10 minues.  Pray for 5.

Do what we can.  Ask the Lord to help us do more as we’re ready.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Now back to getting in shape.

Hey Everybody

It’s been a while since I posted.

I couldn’t give you a really good answer as to why I fell off the map when it comes to blogging.

I kind of got burned out. I got a little tired of it. I used to do 7 days a week, then 5. Then I dropped down to do less and less.

I got to the point that I didn’t like what I was writing. Not necessarily the point, but how I came across to myself. I felt I was a little preachy.

I got to where I felt like I did’t sound like myself. I sounded like everyone else. In fact, this led to me not only stopping my own writing, but I quit reading other blogs as well.

I started hating how the unwritten and written idea was that you had to do this kind of thing to promote a business and market yourself. When I started blogging, I did it for fun.

So, that’s what I wat to start doing again. Write for fun. Write for me. Just being an average, everyday, little old me.

I’m not going to promote this a gazillion times a day on social media and I’m not going to try to sell you anything.

I’m not going to make any promises. I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this. I haven’t posted since December anyway , but I do want to be a little more regular than that.

See you back here soon.

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A Year Later

September 25, 2017 3 comments

Tomorrow, it will be a year since I last posted. That seems kind of crazy as I look back. Once upon a time, I posted seven days a week and, then, five each seven days.

So, I guess, the question is why? Why have I gone 365 days without posting?

There are several reasons. Some are personal, but regarding the blog, I kind of lost my way.

I really didn’t know what to write about anymore. I seemed to be all over the place regarding the subjects I wrote about.

I didn’t have writer’s block, but I did kind of burn out.

I needed to focus on work.

My daughter got married.

Finally, though, I’ve been getting the itch. I’ve wanting to create pixels on the screen. 

So, here is the beginning of a restart. I’ll see you next Monday.

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Why You Need To Take A Day Off

September 6, 2016 Leave a comment

Jan and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary a couple of days ago.  We did the normal things, like going out to eat at a special restaurant.  However, next year is the big one and it deserves something special.

We began tossing around some ideas and if we do what we talked about, it will take some planning.

That’s the thing about a lot of things in life.  They take planning.  Vacations.  Buying a car.  Weddings (yeah, my daughter is getting married next year).  Life.

Yes, life takes some planning if you want it to end up the way you want it.  That’s why I’m taking a day off today.

I’m going to spend the day planning my life.  I’m going to start with the end in mind.  I’m going to plan my funeral.  Who I want to be there.  What I want to be said about me.  How I want to be remembered.

Trust me, I’m not there yet.

Then I’m going to define my values and what’s most important to me.  My priorities.  My life accounts.

Finally, I’m going to write my purpose statement.

None of this is anything original that I have come up with.  I’ve attempted this before based on some seminars I’ve attended.  The latest motivation to do this is the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy.  I commend it if you wake up one day and realize that you are drifting way too much in life.

Now, I could encounter some push back.  Someone could say that they just want to live free and by the Spirit.  I want to as well.  Trust me, I’m praying my way through this.   Plus, I tend to see that God gives life plans to His people in the Bible.  That the life plan comes from the Spirit.

I don’t know if you are interested, but I commend this type of exercise to you.  Take a day off.  Get out of your normal routine and surroundings.  Quit drifting and plan your life.

Summer’s Gone (Or Something Else I Did On My Break)

September 5, 2016 Leave a comment

Happy Labor Day.  It’s the unofficial end to Summer.  Sure, we have a few more weeks until the season is truly over, but let’s face it.  Our Summer plans are over.  We have moved into a new season that I like to call football season.  Summer’s done.

Today I want to delve into some other things that I did this summer besides just be busy.  The big thing is that I did a lot of thinking and reflecting.

I spent a lot of time thinking about who I am.  Not that I don’t know, but life is in a bit of transition these days.  My daughter is engaged and getting married in a few months.  My son is starting college.  My life is changing.  I’ve been asked to take on a position at my church that I’m trying to get my arms around.  All of this is really causing to me to look at who I am and what I should be doing.

The other thing that I did on my break was question the existence of this blog.  Should I continue it?  Should I change the focus?  Should I start an entirely new blog and do something completely different?  Those were just some of the questions I asked.  What did I decide?

I’m not sure.

I think the big thing is that I want the focus to be something like this:  A real guy pursuing a real God.  Maybe that’s what I’ve been doing for the past five years or so, but maybe I just want to slightly shift the focus.  What I realize everyday is that I don’t have this whole thing figured out.  Whatever I write about is usually what I’m trying to figure out.  Sometimes I’m trying to discover what I think about my topic, even as I write it.

So, that’s another brief glimpse into what my summer was like not writing this blog.  Let’s move forward now that summer’s over.

Now get out there and doing some grilling on this last day of summer.

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Superman, Ali and Jesus

June 6, 2016 1 comment

Most of us are aware at this point that Muhammad Ali passed away a few days ago.  There has rarely been as controversial figure in recent history.  Whether you loved or hated him for his braggadocio, his conversion to Islam or his refusal to serve in the military during the Vietnam War, it is difficult to recall anyone who was more of a lightning rod for controversy.

I loved Ali as a kid.  I didn’t really watch boxing as a young child, but I would see him on Candid Camera and get excited any time he was on.  This caused some conflict with my Vietnam serving father.  Despite, and perhaps because of, my dad’s strong feelings I continued to like Ali, maybe just to spite him.  That’s another story and the subject of another day.

The bottom line is that, for a time, Muhammad Ali was the most famous person on the planet, accomplishing the rare feat of the being the most loved and the most hated man alive.  He even fought Superman.

DC Comics published an over-sized comic entitled Superman vs Muhammad Ali.  In order to defend Earth against an alien invasion, Superman and Ali fought.  Superman temporarily gave up his powers and Ali won the fight.  The plot isn’t really all that important.  What’s important is that Ali was so famous that he fought Superman.  The closest thing most people could compare it to would be Michael Jordan being in Space Jam.

I’ve seen a lot of opinions on Ali since his passing.  Some were in tribute.  Many vilified.  There was no middle ground.

I tweeted that what Ali did in life, ultimately, wasn’t important.  What was important was whether he knew Jesus.  What would Jesus have said to Ali if He had met him?

I think I know the answer.  Or answers.  They would have all been variations of the same one.

The kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent and believe in the gospel.

It’s the same for me.  It’s the same for you.  It’s the same for everyone.

Ali may have floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, but if he had followed Jesus, he wouldn’t have felt the sting of death.

It’s easy to make strong, bold statements about someone like Ali.  It’s easy to call him a draft dodger or a great humanitarian.  But in Christ, there is neither draft dodger, nor humanitarian.

Someone responded to my tweet that Ali was a professed Muslim.  This is true.  Unfortunately, there will be plenty of professed Baptists dying in the same state as Ali, not knowing Christ.  Plenty of whatever brand of Christianity we are part of will do the same.

My plea to you is to not die without knowing Christ today.  We who follow Him can do all sorts of things to make this Christianity thing complex.  It’s really simple.

The kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent and believe in the gospel.