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Weekly Roundup 11/26/11

November 26, 2011 2 comments

We’re nearing the end of November and this is the last Saturday in the month, so this is the last roundup for November as well.  I learned, I think, that blog reading takes a dip during holidays and Black Friday.  However, thanks to all of you who regularly read this blog, November was the busiest month I’ve ever had.  More blog traffic.  More comments.  I appreciate hearing from all of you.

The most viewed post this week was Church Visit #3.  You guys seem genuinely interested in our search for a new church home.  Church Visit #4 will occur tomorrow, so look for the report on Monday.

Drunk On What? proved to be a fairly busy post.  I kind of liked that one, so I’m glad it was well received.

Least visited this week was 140 Words (More or Less) On Thanksgiving and God’s Regrets.  Between Thanksgiving, Black Friday and travelling, I don’t as many people were hitting up the blogosphere.

What’s upcoming on Deuceology?  I’ll be finishing up the month of November, and then moving into Christmas themed posts for a while.  I have a few written and I may dust off some from last year, rewriting and polishing them.  I also hope to have a few guest posts from some of my blogging pals.  I’ve got to get busy confirming this.

Today is the last day of the college football regular season, so I will be tense until about 3:30, hoping my University of Tennessee Volunteers can clinch a bowl bid.  It’s been a tense year, with several of our top players being injured.  I predicted an 8-4 season, which I stand by as a good prediction before the season started.  Now, I’m hoping for 6-6.

See you tomorrow, same Deuceology channel, same Deuceology time.

The Black Jersey

October 29, 2011 2 comments

I don’t usually write a full-fledged post on Saturday anymore, but today I am.

Two years ago today, Tennessee played South Carolina on Halloween night.   The previous week, UT has suffered a heartbreaking loss at Alabama after having a last chance field goal attempt blocked.  After a week of speculation, Tennessee came out wearing black jerseys.  While I’m sure the players would have been excited to play anyway, the black jerseys seemed to give the players an extra spark and excitement.  Tennessee ended up dominating the game and winning.
This week against South Carolina, Tennessee will be starting a new, freshman quarterback, Justin Worley.  After losing starting quarterback Tyler Bray, Matt Simms had come in to play the position.  Simms has tried the best he could for two years now, but he simply cannot perform at the level needed to be successful in the SEC.  So, while this year Tennessee will not be wearing black jerseys, they will have a black jersey this year.  Justin Worley is the black jersey.

I say all of that not really thinking about football today.  I say all of that to ask you (and me) a question.

What’s your black jersey?

Let’s face it.  We all need an extra spark from time to time.  We all get into a rut.  We all go into a slump.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Spiritually.

What is sparking you in your life?  What change do you need to make to take you to another level, to get you off the plateau?

Maybe you need to go feed the homeless.  Maybe you need to go on a mission trip.  Maybe you need a new bible study plan.  I don’t know exactly what you need.

I do know one thing.

Sometimes you need a black jersey.