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Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Starting

September 30, 2012 Leave a comment

For over four years I have been on an incredible journey of preaching through the gospel of John at Big Meadow Campground in Townsend, Tennessee.  Today that journey is over.  I will soon preach my last message from this incredible experience that John shared with the world.

The first thing that John wants us to know in these last couple of verses is that he was a disciple of Jesus.  He was one of the men who journeyed with Jesus for three years or so.  He is testifying to what he saw during this experience.  He wants us to know that it is true.  In doing this, he gives us a good model of how to give our own testimony to others.

Notice he doesn’t go into detail about his life before Jesus.  Maybe you have heard testimonies where there is so much detail about how bad someone’s life was before Christ.  Sometimes they even seem to miss that life.  John doesn’t do that.  He just states that he was a disciple.  What should we do?  Just say that we were lost and we came to know Christ.  Testify to what Christ has done in your life.  Tell them the truth.  Don’t downplay it.  Don’t exaggerate it.  Follow the Jack Webb method.  Just the facts.

John then ends his Gospel with what I always think is an incredible statement.  He says that there were many other things that Jesus did, so many, in fact, that if they were written in detail the world couldn’t contain all of the books that would be written.

What we got from John ( and the other Gospel writers) was kind of like a highlight show.  John didn’t have the ability to write everything down.  Under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he wrote what he wrote.  But it wasn’t everything that Jesus did.  Do you find that as incredible as I do?

When I was a kid, it would be a treat to stay up occasionally and watch Monday Night Football.  Inevitably, at some point during the game, Don Meredith would sing, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.”  One team had clinched victory when Dandy Don would break out in song.

That’s where we are in John’s gospel.  Christ has clinched victory.  The game is over.  Turn out the lights.  The party’s starting.