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How To Deal With The Blues

September 25, 2014 4 comments

We all deal with the blues on occasion.  Often, it’s right after something good has happened.  We climb the mountain and life has never been better.  The peak is awesome.

Then we have to begin the descent down.

Pastors often face this on Mondays.  They spend their Sundays pouring out to those they are called to shepherd.  On Monday, they may be tired and spent.  They are weaker than any other time of the week.

It could hit the rest of us at any time.  We get the blues.


Elijah faced this.  He fought the prophets on Mount Carmel.  He won and came off the mountain on top of the world.  Then Jezebel called for his head.  He found himself at his lowest just a bit later.  He was ready for the Lord to just take him out.

What can we learn from Elijah’s experience so that we can beat the blues?


The first thing Elijah did to beat the blues was to get some rest.  After getting off by himself, he laid down to sleep.  He had to be tired physically, emotionally and spiritually from tangling with Baal’s prophets.  Often times, stress will exhaust us and usher in the blues.  He needed a serious nap.

Next, he ate.  He had been focused on the fight to the point of going without food.  Then he fled for parts unknown.  He needed to replenish his stores.  The Lord sent an angel to deliver the goods to Elijah.

Finally, Elijah was given a new mission.  He traveled for 40 days into the wilderness.  There, he received a message from the Lord.  He was to go anoint new prophets for the Lord.  Elijah thought he was all alone.  He found out soon enough that there were others.


Elijah was able to beat the blues with the Lord’s help.  We can most of the time as well.   We need to rest, eat and seek a mission.

What if we can’t beat the blues after doing this?  We need to seek out some help.  There may be something else bringing us down that needs to be addressed medically.

Have you ever had the blues?  How did you beat them?

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The Spiritual Benefit Of Rest

January 31, 2014 4 comments

I wake up every morning at just about the same time.  I begin to wake up and lie there for a what seems like forever.  I finally get up and look at my phone to see what time it is.  I am out of bed, heading to the family room around 4:45.

It rarely makes any difference what time I go to bed.  Every day plays out about the same.  Sometimes there’s some variety.  As I write this, last night I fell asleep early on the couch.  I went to bed and woke up at 3:00 a.m.

When this really bugs me the most is on the days I have off.  Whether it’s the weekend or a holiday, it doesn’t make much difference.  I might sleep an extra hour, but I never sleep late.

Sometimes I wonder what kind of toll this takes on me.  There are physical consequences to not getting enough sleep.  There is an emotional toll that a lack of sleep takes on you.  But there’s more.  Much more.

There has to be spiritual issues to not getting proper rest too.

I’m not sure that I can prove that, but I think Elijah is good example of it.

After he had a big showdown with Baal’s prophets, Elijah had to flee.  By the time he stopped, he seemed to be exhausted.  He laid down and slept until an angel woke him up.  Then he woke up and had a meal.

It seems that he was stressed out and what he needed most of all was a good night’s sleep.

What gave him the most spiritual benefit was rest.

I imagine that this is often what we need most as well.  When we feel like we’re at the end of our rope, when we feel like we’re losing our religion, we might just need a good nap.  Preferably under a shade tree.  Follow that up with a nice big sandwich and a cold drink and we might be re-energized and ready to meet with the Lord.

There is a spiritual benefit of rest that we could all use.

Have you ever needed the spiritual benefit of rest?

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Let’s Head To The Mountains

January 17, 2014 1 comment

Last week I wrote this post about coming down off the mountain.  I mentioned several of Christ’s mountain top experiences in connection to His work.  Some might say, “Yeah, but that was Jesus.”  I thought that it might be a good idea to take a look at some other events that took place on mountains in the Bible.

After spending months on the Ark, Noah landed on a mountain.  Once he and his family got off the ark, Noah built an altar and worshiped.  It was there that God looked down and made a covenant with Noah that He would never destroy the world by flood again.

A few generations later an old man climbed a mountain with his son.  This son was  a son of promise, one he had been waiting for a decades.  This centenarian was told by the Lord to sacrifice his son.  Just as he was about to do so, God provided a ram as a substitute.  Abraham found out that the Lord will provide.  The Lord told him that he would be blessed.

Caleb was 85 years old when he reached the promised land.  After helping Joshua and the others win the land, he deserved rest.  He went to Joshua and wanted the hill country.  He wanted to go into the mountains where the giants lived and continue the fight.  Caleb knew that you battle giants in the mountains.

Moses went up to meet God Himself on a mountain.  It was there that the Lord gave Moses the Law.  He gave Moses tablets containing the commandments.  Something  much more happened though.  Moses wanted to see God face to face.  Though this couldn’t happen, Moses was able to see God’s backside as He passed by.  When He came down off the mountain, his face shone from the glory of God.

Elijah faced hundreds of Baal’s prophets on a mountain.  Try as they did, all of those prophets couldn’t call fire down from heaven.  Elijah prayed and the Lord sent fire down to consume what was on the altar.  Then he prayed again for the rain to come and end the drought.  After three years, the rain came and the rain fell.


As I said in last week’s post, you have to come down off the mountain.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do on top of the mountain.  Important work.  Most importantly, the top of the mountain is a place to see God in a way that you can’t seen him anywhere else.

We are going to face mountains in our life.  They may look daunting.  They may seem intimidating.  We might not want to go into them for fear of what might happen.  We need to embrace them as an opportunity to know God in a better and clearer way when we come through them.

Let’s head to the mountains every chance we get.

Are you afraid to head into the mountains or do you look forward to it?

The Spiritual Discipline Of Sleep

September 26, 2012 5 comments

On Monday, I left work early feeling bad.  I had not felt good for a few days.  It was going to be useless for me to stay at work, so I went home.  I changed clothes, climbed into my recliner and slept for about two hours.

When I woke up, I felt better.  I had a better attitude.  My perspective was clearer.

In short, I was better than before.

I wondered if there was a spiritual side to sleep.

I thought back to when Elijah fought the priests on the mountain.  After winning, he was on top of the world.  Then Jezebel threatened his life and he fled.  He went into the wilderness, sat down under a tree and slept.  When he woke up, an angel provided food and he ran for forty days to Mount Horeb.  There he received further ministering from the Lord.

The point of this story is not sleep.  However, it’s not something to be ignored.

Elijah was at his wit’s end.  He had just had a huge spiritual victory.  His life was threatened.  He was stressed and he left the area in a hurry.  He didn’t seem to be taking care of himself.

The first thing he did when he got away was sit down and sleep.

Imagine that.

It wasn’t to go to the temple.

It wasn’t to go have fellowship.

It wasn’t prayer.

It wasn’t to sacrifice.

It was sleep.

Elijah slept.  Then he ate and drank.  He got off by himself..  He spent time with Lord

All proceeded by sleep.

Sometimes we just need to rest.  Sometimes that can be the most spiritual things we can do.

Do you want a boost to your spiritual life?

The first thing you might want to do is  make sure you are getting the proper rest and sleep.

Maybe we should make sleep a spiritual discipline.

Do you get the proper amount of sleep?  Can you tell a difference in your spiritual life based on the amount of sleep you get?

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