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Learning From The High Priestly Prayer, Part 3

Jesus continues to pray for his disciples in  John 17.  This week we tackle verses 13 thru 21.  There are six requests Jesus makes of the Father in these verses.


Jesus tells the Father that He is praying this prayer so that they will have His joy made full in them.  They are about to face a traumatic time with Christ dying on the cross.  His time with them is growing shorter and shorter.  Their lives are going to change forever.  What does He want for them?  Joy.  His joy.


Jesus declares to the Father that the disciples are not of the world any longer, just like Jesus is not of the world.  He has given them the Father’s word and the world hates them now, just as the world hates Jesus. (By the way, this is the same world that God loves so much that He sent His only begotten Son.)


Jesus then asks that they not be taken out of the world, but to be kept out of the power of the evil one.  I imagine that the saying I have heard much of my life, “In the world, not of the world” comes from.  The implication is that the world is run by the evil one.  Jesus is praying that the world will not have any hold over His disciples.


Jesus then asks the Father to sanctify the disciples.  Sanctify is a delightfully old-fashioned word that most of us don’t use on an everyday basis.  It means to set apart and make holy.  Jesus is asking that the disciples will be made more like Him.  He even tells the Father how it can be done.  How?  Through His word.  He had previously said that the Father’s word had been given to them.  This word had power to make them holy, to set them apart.


Jesus then says that He is sending them into the world as He has been sent into the world.  He describes that He has been sanctified for their sakes.  What Jesus is saying is that He is not asking the disciples to do anything that He has not already done and set the example for. 


Finally, Jesus once more asks that the disciples be unified just like He and the Father are.  The wonderful thing is that He says that this prayer is not just for these remaining eleven disciples.  It is also for those who believe in Him through their words.  So, this prayer is for all followers of Christ throughout the history of the Church.

How does it make you feel to know that Jesus prayed these things for you 2000 years ago?

Two Sides of the Same Coin

October 25, 2011 11 comments

My friend Chad wrote a post the other day called Gender & Equality In Jesus.  I love what he said about wives and their command to submit to their husbands.  He said to forget about the command for husbands to love them as Christ loved the Church.  He advised them to focus on the command given to them and not the one for their husbands.  He also said that we husbands should focus on our command to love our wives as Christ loved the Church and forget out the submission thing.  I agree.  Let’s focus on what we’ve been told to do, not someone else.  We really can’t demand those things out of someone else.

Here is the thing, though, that I thought about and has been sitting back there in the back of my mind for a while now.

Are They The Same Thing?

Normally when we think of submission and love, we don’t think of them being the same thing.  I think this is because we think of submission as a bad word.  In this context it can’t be, though, because it’s in the Bible and we are all told to submit to each other just before wives are told to.  So, what are we talking about anyway?

Christ Gave The Example Of Submission

Christ gave us the example of how we should submit in His life.  He submitted to the Father.  He put aside His own interests for the sake of ours.  He looked out for our best interest because the Father wanted Him to , it would glorify the Father and it would be to our benefit.  That, I think, is what submission is.  Laying aside our wants and desires for someone else.  We are all told to do this with each other and wives, in particular, are told to do this for their husbands.

Christ Gave The Example Of Love

In turn, Christ gave us  me the example of how we should love.  We are to love our wives as Christ loved the Church.  This, it seems to me, is to lay aside our own interests for the betterment of our wives.  Christ did this to the point of death.  We husbands should do this up to the point of death for our wives.

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

It seems to me, the more I look at this example that Christ gave us, that they are really the same thing.  Wives and husbands should be looking out for the betterment of each other.  We should set aside our own interests for the betterment for each other.  If this was taking place in our lives, there would be no controversy over the meaning of these verses.  All of us should submit to one another and follow the example of our Lord.  Our lives and the lives of our churches and the Church would be revolutionized.

How about you?  Are you willing to biblically submit?  Are you willing to biblically love?